How to Decorate Easter Eggs

Looking to create some glam Easter eggs? Or are pastels more your aesthetic? Questions about what dye is best and how to get the effect you desire? Allow Hometalk to help. Here you'll find all of the best, top, and newest Easter egg projects the web has to offer. Get your questions answered and find the right projects for you.

Decorate Easter Eggs with Dye
Boil your eggs
Place your eggs in a pot of cold water and turn on the heat. Allow the eggs to boil for around 15 minutes.
Prepare your dye
To dye one egg, add half a cup of water, a teaspoon of vinegar, and 20 drops of your chosen food coloring.
One container per color
Don’t risk mixing colors at random. Use an entirely different container for each colored dye, to ensure a vibrant coloring for your eggs.
Submerge your eggs
One at a time, place your eggs in the prepared dyes. Use a spoon to lower the egg into the dye. Leave the egg submerged for five minutes.
Create multi-colored eggs
Dip only a portion of the egg to dye half of it, before doing the other side in a different color. Be sure to leave to dry fully in between.
Top DIY Easter Egg Decoration Projects

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Easter Egg Decorating Videos

DIY video tutorials on how to decorate Easter eggs. Let us help you out.

DIY Easter Egg Piñata Surprise - 804 Sycamore

This DIY craft is a fun project to do with kids and it's a new way to present Easter goodies instead of using a cute basket. You can paint and decorate your paper mache egg anyway you want, the sky is the limit. This is also a great project to upcycle old newspaper and the rest of the supplies except maybe balloons are common household items. You can also make any size of egg you want - well as large as your balloon will go~

How to Decorate Easter Eggs Using Oil

Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition, but also a nice opportunity to be creative. Using plain color makes them look beautiful, but what about turning them into awesome with a very simple trick? Here’s an easy way to mix colors using oil, for a very uncommon bunch of Easter eggs on your Easter table.

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Hey guys here are some Quick & Simply EASTER DIY Decor ideas that I created using all items from Dollar Tree.