How to Decorate for Halloween

Dreaming of transforming your home into a haunted house for Halloween? Do you have some great Halloween decor ideas but you're not sure exactly how to bring them to life? Check out our discussion boards, DIY video tutorials, slideshows, and best projects to help you create the Halloween decor of your dreams. Boo!

How to Decorate for Halloween

Make your own Halloween decorations

Create decorations with an exciting how-to tutorial, or source the decor you wish to use online. Bunting and lanterns are typical choices.

Create table centerpieces

Make a decorative centerpiece. A carved pumpkin, candles, or dried berries look beautiful arranged with candles in between.

Decorate the front porch

Use string lights to illuminate the doorway. Add smaller pumpkins to a corner and scatter some dry leaves. Now, add your carved pumpkins.

Add Halloween decor to your home

Add cutouts of bats around the house. Make them from fabric. Place some festive lanterns on bookshelves and side tables. Light some candles.

Carve a pumpkin

Trace your carving design onto your pumpkin. Cut a hole in the top, and scoop out the insides with a spoon before you start carving.

Top Halloween Decoration Projects

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Halloween Decorating Videos

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Top 6 Halloween Ideas to Try This Year!

Who doesn't love decorating for Halloween? October is next month and these ideas are perfect for your next Halloween party!

Harry Potter Inspired Floating Halloween Candles

If you are planning any Halloween festivities these are a fun little addition. And if you are a Harry Potter fan these will bring you even more joy. These fake candles cost me $4 to make and are a perfectly spooky yet somehow pretty addition for Halloween. All you need is some old paper towel and toilet paper rolls, hot glue, fishing wire and flameless tea lights to make these floating candles.

Witch's Hat Door Hanger

I’m not into the spooky/dark side of Halloween but because I love to decorate and have a few fun holiday things out during the seasons, I’ll occasionally make something cutesy that I normally wouldn’t be in to, like a witch’s hat. A few years ago I made a whimsical witch’s hat door hanger out of burlap—it was super cute! So this year I’ve decided to try something different that involves a few more elements. I think by the time Christmas rolls around, I’m going to have fall décor coming out of my ears!

Top 9 Halloween Pinterest Pumpkin Ideas

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