DIY Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Looking to decorate your fireplace? What mantel is right for your space? How do you make sure your decor is fireproof and safe to use? Find the answers to these questions and more here. We have step by step DIY video tutorials to help you create the beautiful fireplace decor to complete your space. Let's get started!

How to Decorate Your Fireplace
Start with paint
Choose a paint color that is most suited to your room’s decor. Two colors will add depth to your fireplace decor.
Display a basket of pine cones
Choose a beautiful and decorative basket. Fill it with pine cones or pretty wooden pieces. Place it on the floor near the fireplace.
Add a bowl of nuts
Display a decorative wooden bowl, an iconic nutcracker, and a few nuts that are still in their shells.
Create comfortable seating
Add an armchair or a rocking chair, and a soft rug. A firescreen will keep the sparks from damaging the rug and the furniture.
Place logs near the fire
Add logs for a beautiful visual effect. Having logs handy is also practical.
Top Projects for Decorating Fireplaces

Here are our top DIY fireplace decoration projects. Look around.