How to Decorate Pumpkins

Whether you're decorating for Halloween or just celebrating fall, pumpkins are the perfect decor item. Decorate them with sequins and sparkles for a glitzy vibe, or use burlap and twine for a more rustic feel. Whatever your style, Hometalk has all the top, best, and newest pumpkin decor projects to delight and inspire you. Happy decorating!

How to Decorate Pumpkins
Choose a color and a pattern
Choose colors that are most aligned with the Halloween theme. Next, choose a pattern - the silhouette of a leaf is a festive idea.
Paint your pumpkin
Use the paint you selected earlier to paint your pumpkin. You can color the pumpkin in stripey patterns or make it one solid color.
Trace your pattern onto the pumpkin
Print the leaf shape or pattern. Cut it out and use it to trace the shape perfectly onto the pumpkin before filling in.
Add a few decorative touches
Using clear-drying adhesive, stick some glitter to your pumpkin. Add white lace trim around the bottom for a Thanksgiving touch.
Display your pumpkin
Place your pumpkin near candles for the best effect.
Top Projects for Decorating Pumpkins

Visit our top DIY pumpkin decoration projects. Prepare to be impressed.

Pumpkin Decorating Videos

Check out our DIY video tutorials on how to decorate pumpkins. Enjoy.

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Hydro Dipped Pumpkins for Arrangments

We are Hydro Dipping Pumpkins with colorful paint spray to give these pumpkins a one of a kind color to them. These colors will help to make your pumpkin arrangments stand out. After dipping the pumpkins we will be using them to design floral arrangments on them. Shop our online store at to buy all your floral and wreath supplies.

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New Decorating Pumpkins Projects

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