How to Decorate Pillows & Throws

Need some ideas to help you perfect your pillows and throws? Looking to create some yourself? What essential things do you need to know for your DIY pillow and throw projects? Find the answers to your questions in our discussion boards, videos, and top projects. Find your inspiration and start decorating!

Decorating Pillows and Throws
Choose your design
Decide on the design you wish to use. You could opt for a transferrable pattern or you could draw your design, free-hand.
Choose your embellishments
Select any items you think will add to the overall effect: sequins, beads, embroidery, lace, tassels, appliques, ribbons, transfers, or paint.
Apply your chosen embellishment
Select the best way to apply your embellishments. Beads and sequins are best sewed on, while lace and ribbons will adhere with fabric glue.
Take comfort into account
Avoid embellishments in the center of your throw. Stick to the corners and outer border to preserve its comfort.
Effective display
Place your pillows on a sofa, perpendicular to the floor. Using your hand, dent the center of the top edge.
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Pillow & Throw Decorating Videos

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