Tv cut out over fireplace- need some ideas

I have a cutout over my fireplace for a tv. The problem is it will only fit a 42 in. I need some ideas of how to box this in and build a
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  • Ken Ken on Dec 05, 2017

    Would be a shame to close up that nice storage space. All you really need to do is build a stud wall inside of the opening and attach drywall. Is this an interior wall so you could open the other side? If there is an electrical outlet in that cubby it will have to remain accessible.

    Mantle is just a shelf and depending on your taste you can mount any kind of shelf that you wish.

    If you have a fireplace, a mantle clock and a place to hang your stockings with care is not optional. How have you survived?

  • Ro Ro on Dec 05, 2017

    Why not try to make a barnwood door on rails or even a hinge so you still have some storage space but you are able to bring the TV to the forefront maybe like this . AND an old rough hewn wood mantle would be lush maybe like this

  • Cheri Smyers Sharrett Cheri Smyers Sharrett on Dec 05, 2017

    Hi Ken thank you. It’s an outside wall and there is really nothing to do with this space. I do need someplace to hang the stockings which is very important

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    • Cheri Smyers Sharrett Cheri Smyers Sharrett on Dec 07, 2017

      Thank you!!!

  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 05, 2017

    Install hinges and put a door on it that opens and closes. Hang stockings on a wooden structure make for drying clothes.

  • Rose Middleton Rose Middleton on Dec 05, 2017

    Hi Cheri,

    If you are wanting to mount a bigger TV, then I would box in the existing opening with about a 6" recess. Bring your outlet, cable, etc into the new wall. This would allow you to put a tilt arm the new TV for better viewing.

    Your outlets etc. will be recessed in the 6". You can buy an unfinished

    mantle (all kinds are available from Loews, Home Depot, etc.) and paint or stain it.

  • Vicky Davis Vicky Davis on Dec 05, 2017

    Make a shelf on supports to fit around the fireplace. The shelf could be a simple pine board if you plan to cover the whole thing. The supports could be simple 4 x 4's or fancy turned stair railings. You could make the whole thing in sections that you can take apart to store the rest of the year. With all the different crown moldings and other do dads at the lumber yards, you could really get creative! Just make sure to balance everything with loaded stockings, if you plan to fill them.

  • Barbara Bechtol Flory Barbara Bechtol Flory on Dec 06, 2017

    Sorry, I answered b4 , but did you mean to imply that you want to have a new mantle and ALSO hang a larger tv as well? If so, you still need to enclose the space with drywall. You will have to consult an electrician who is licensed in your area to bring you to code cobcerning your outlet for the new television. You CANNOT cover an outlet, you have to remove it and the power to it. Also, people who deal in new home electronics solutions can give you suggestions on the latest ways to connect your electronics. They usually are the people who install least in my area. Hope it helps!

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 06, 2017

    Where that white box is in the bottom of the opening, I would put a 4x4" cross beam along the bottom to support your mantel, and the other 3 sides I would frame with 2x4s all set back from the opening edge to accomodate the piece of drywall you will be adding and a smidge to tape and mud the edges. Then I would add a cross beam horizontally of 2x8 at the height where you plan to fasten your TV hardware.

    I would then have that outlet moved down, and build a box the full width of the opening, and high enough to accomodate your DVD/cable box etc. on top of the 4x4 with an opening at the back to accomodate the electrical outlet moved down. The top back portion of the box, I would cut a notch big enough to fit the TV cord and plug plus HDMI cord to get plugged in. Then I would drill a hole in the 2x8 cross beam for the HDMI cord & electrical cord/plug into the back of the TV. You will have to drill the same hole in the drywall which will cover the opening from the top of the box to the top of the opening. I would fish those wires through cross beam and the back of the dry wall and the TV bracket, and then down to the outlet and the DVD before screwing in place. Cover the bottom of the opening to the edge of the box with another piece of drywall. Tape and mud. Install TV hardware. Install your mantel in the section where the 4x4 was put in. To hang stockings, screw cup hooks under the bottom edge of the mantel.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Dec 07, 2017

    Build a wood frame to fit inside the hole and then drywall.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 11, 2024

    Mirror or wallpaper on back and then shelves to take up the space. Add Coloured glass etc. Fix Brackets and then a shelf for mantle. I suppose if you wanted you could add a frame to the void and then attach a door or doors for extra storage. ( Add mirror or picture to front of door with frame (So storage is hidden)