How to Make Cute Bat & Ghost Cork Ornaments

12 Materials
45 Minutes

Make bat and ghost ornaments from champagne corks and Dollar Tree supplies! These Halloween ornaments are easy to make and a great craft for adults and teens.

I've made quite a few things out of corks but these little ornaments are probably my favorite!

I'll jump right in with the instructions and how-tos...

DIY bat and ghost cork ornaments

Tools and materials:

  • Bat wing template
  • Scissors
  • Burlap ribbon with wire
  • Paint
  • Corks
  • Hot glue
  • Screw eyes
  • Felt
Bat wing template and scissors

Bat Cork Ornaments

First, you will need to make a pair of bat wings. You can download the free template from the original post on my website if you like. Just click here.

Bat wings cut out of ribbon

1. Cut out the wings in ribbon

To make wings I used 2-inch wide burlap ribbon. Use a wider ribbon if you like. (Shown above are two sets of wings. I made two bats.)

If you notice, the top of the wire ribbon has been left intact and the bottom is cut away. You need the top wire to shape the bat wings.

2. Spray paint the wings black

I also didn't have black wire ribbon so I hit my wings with a coat of black spray paint!

Attaching the wings to the cork

3. Paint the cork black

Add a small screw eye to the top of your cork and paint the cork and screw eye black (I used acrylic paint).

4. Glue the wings to the body

Next, hot glue the wings to the back of the cork.

5. Add eyes and ears

To finish my bat, I used white acrylic paint to make the eyes and I cut two small triangle ears out of black felt and hot glued those on.

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DIY bat ornament

Bat and Ghost Cork Ornaments by

Tools and materials for the ghost ornament

Ghost Cork Ornaments

1. Paint the cork white

To make one ghost ornament, you'll need to add a small screw eye to the top of your cork and paint it white.

2. Cut out white fabric

Next, cut out about six or seven 4-inch squares of white fabric. I used an old polyester t-shirt but use whatever fabric you have on hand.

Adding thumbtacks to the base of the cork

3. Add thumbtacks

To finish your ghost, use thumbtacks to attach the corner of each fabric square to the base of the cork. I didn't have white tacks so I just painted gold ones white.

4. Paint the eyes

Paint eyes onto your ghost and you're finished!

How to make bat and ghost ornaments

DIY bat and ghost ornaments

Here's another photo of my bat and ghost ornaments. They came out so cute! I gave the ones shown here away to family and friends but I plan to make a few more to sell at my booth.

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Suggested materials:
  • Corks
  • White and black acrylic paint   (Dollar Tree)
  • A medium paintbrush (to paint corks)
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