Mount a flower banner above your porch

Pick apart fake flowers from several selections then hot glue them to twine and either hang above your closet or porch door. Get tutorial here

Fill a cardboard letter with summer blooms

Grab floral foam, clippers, fake flowers and spray paint to get this stunning mantel monogram. Get tutorial here

Dot your wall with bursts of blooms

Create pops of petals on your wall by attaching silk flowers to foam and hanging them with with hooks. Get tutorial here

Create a secret garden like fireplace facade

Cover your fireplace mantle in chicken wire and simply poke the fake flowers through according to your whim! Get tutorial here

Hang a wreath form as a floral chandelier

Tie 4 strings onto a wire wreath form and glue the foliage to the wire for this romantic boho forest look. Get tutorial here

Form a mini rose topiary for your end table

You’ll need a dowel, a foam ball, some fake flowers and paint to create this quaint bit of decor. Get tutorial here

Add a dash of rococo with a floral cameo

Grab a broken mirror or a picture frame then arrange the silk flowers with tape before adhering permanently with glue. Get tutorial here

Add flowers to jars for perfect fairy lantern

Create night lights from jars, cut outs, mod podged tissue paper and faux flower. So adorable! Get tutorial here

Craft floral pens as a teacher's gift

Glue silk flowers to the tops of pencils and wrap green tape around the pencil stem for a lovely & thoughtful gift. Get tutorial here

Embellish your closet with paper flowers

Cut out four shapes from paper, glue them together, strengthen them with glue and attach to the wall. Get tutorial here

Assemble the perfect bouquet for your table

Whether for a wedding or another event, all you need is some silk flowers, a vase and a bit of burlap. Get tutorial here