Upgrade your plain glass plates

Color in your favorite patterns then mod podge it to a glass plate then spray a finish! Get tutorial here

Or paste your patterns blank

Cut your favorite patterns, go over their outlines in black, paste them, decoupage them, go over the plate rim in black and voila! Get tutorial here

Decorate your shopping tote bag

Print your favorite adult coloring book pattern onto transfer paper and iron it out onto a plain white canvas back. Get tutorial here

Add character to your mail tray

Use a deck of cards for inspiration and print out a colorless outline of the card. Trace on your wood surface then color in. So cute! Get tutorial here

Decoupage your Ikea coffee table

Get a quirky coffee table with a simple technique. Simply cut out your favorite patterns and decoupage with mod podge over your surface. Get tutorial here

Create pretty tiered cupcake stands

Wood burn a pattern from an adult coloring book onto cheap wood eyelet plates from the Dollar Store then paint! Stack them & voila! Get tutorial here

Add character to your jewelry box

Cut the page form the coloring book, paste it with painter’s tape, wood burn it into the surface, then color it in with pencils. Get tutorial here

Make some faux stained glass

Use adult coloring books and paste them to plastic or glass sheet frames, then fill in the patterns with enamel paint. Get tutorial here

Make boho pencil cases or makeup bags

Grab your favorite patterns from your adult coloring book, color them in then transfer them to muslin with iron on fabric paper. Get tutorial here

Transfer a customized pattern to wood

Transfer the coloring book image of your choice by wood burning them. Get tutorial here

Fancy up your dresser

Cut paisley patterns out of your adult coloring books and paste to a boring dresser. Add embellishments with marker and gems. Get tutorial here

Craft some mini mailboxes for notes

Color in your favorite adult coloring book page then fold it into pillow box for Valentine’s day notes to fit into! Get tutorial here

Make an awesome sign

Either transfer images onto Dollar Store canvases or by pre-made patterned thin canvases or fabric paper and color them in! Get tutorial here