Paint it a bright color with etched letters

You’ll love looking in the mirror every morning with this greeting. Get tutorial here

Add gold studs & vinyl wrapping to the frame

Turn your blah mirror into a chic one with this super cheap and easy idea. Get tutorial here

Attach wood planks for a rustic mirror

With some planks and a miter saw, this mirror got a total makeover. Get tutorial here

Copy West Elm for a giant leaning mirror

Nail some wood together for this rustic and stylish standing mirror. Get tutorial here

Dress up your mirror with appliques

Or use faux ferns and make your own. With a little paint job, this mirror looks brand new. Get tutorial here

Paint the surrounding with art

This mirror didn’t get an upgrade, but the wall around it definitely did. Get tutorial here

Customize your mirror with a white frame

It can actually be any color you choose, but it will transform your mirror into wall decor. Get tutorial here

Or if you already have a frame, paint it over

This technique can get you that rustic look, even with a plastic or metal frame. Get tutorial here

Find a vintage frame to place over

This blogger’s thrift store find transformed her mirror into a vintage masterpiece. Get tutorial here