How to Create a Spooky DIY Topsy-Turvy Halloween Cauldron

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by Mitch Couch
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Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to add some spooktacular vibes to your decorations than with a DIY Topsy-Turvy Halloween Cauldron?

In this guide, I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating this eerie masterpiece that's sure to bring some spine-chilling fun to your Halloween setup!

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Tools and Materials:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Adhesive glue (suitable for foam and plastic)
  • Zip ties
  • Black cauldrons
  • Wooden board (large enough to support the cauldron)
  • Floral foam blocks (for filling the cauldron and creating the base)
  • Spooky eyeballs
  • Old bones
  • Realistic fake spider
  • 1.25-inch PVC pipe (length determined by desired height)
  • Green fairy lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Clear plastic cups (small size)
  • Water-based expanding foam

1. Gather Your Supplies

Head to the Dollar store and grab your supplies:

Some floral foam. 

Halloween Crafts

You will also want some spooky eyeballs. 

Getting ready for some Halloween crafting magic

Grab some old bones. They look great.  

Plastic spider

Then, the spookiest of all; a creepy spider.  

Building a sturdy base for the Topsy Turvy Cauldron

2. Prepare the Base

To assemble our topsy-turvy cauldrons, you are going to need a large, black cauldron and a wooden board. This will be the base.


Flip the cauldron over, and add some glue to the bottom. I also added a little hot glue to keep it in place while the adhesive is drying.  

DIY topsy turvy Halloween cauldron tutorial

When all the glue is on, flip it over and push it onto the board. 

Use the pipe to create a hole in floral foam

3. Create the Cauldron's Centerpiece

Insert a 1.25-inch PVC pipe through the center of a square piece of floral foam to create a hole.

Stick the foam to the cauldron

Again, take the same adhesive and put it in the corners of the foam block, and add some hot glue. Then stick it in the center of the cauldron.  

DIY Topsy Turvy Halloween Cauldron tutorial

Repeat the process with another piece of floral foam and place it on top of the first creating a solid base.

Place the pipe in the center of the floral foam

Once they are together, stick the PVC pipe right in the middle. 

Eerie green fairy lights

4. Add Illumination

Next, grab some green fairy lights.



Now take two clear cups and the plastic eyeballs.  

Wrap fairy lights around the plastic cups

We're going to take the fairy lights and put them all around the cup. 

Step-by-step spooky cauldron crafting guide

Then place it right inside the next one. You'll see the magic with that later.  

Drill through the plastic eyeballs

Take those eyeballs, and drill a little hole in the back of each.  

Cauldron decoration with illuminated eyeballs

Take the fairy lights and put one light in each of the eyeballs.  

Fill the hole with hot glue

Use a little dab of hot glue over the hole to hold them in place.  

Cauldron craft ideas with fairy lights

Next, use hot glue to attach the battery pack of the fairy lights to the back of the base cauldron.  

Fill the cauldron with expanding foam

5. Fill the Base Cauldron

Use expanding foam to fill the cauldron.

Clean foam from the pipe opening

Once done, use a little popsicle stick to remove any foam from the pipe opening.  

Topsy Turvy cauldron project with expanding foam

6. Create a Boiling Effect

Apply expanding foam to the cauldron's lip and board to make it appear as if it's boiling over.

Eerie cauldron decoration for Halloween

Embed the creepy spider into the foam.

Stick the plastic cup in the foam

7. Finish Decorating the Base Cauldron

Take the cup with the lights and stick it in the foam, near the front edge of the cauldron.

Spooky eyeball and bone cauldron DIY

Fill the leftover space in the cauldron with extra pieces of floral foam so you don't have to use too much foam.


DIY cauldron with foam overflow effect

Now take that foam, and put it all over the base. Add some eyeballs and bones as well. They will make it look cool.  

Craft a multi-tiered Halloween cauldron display

8. Build the Multi-Level Display

Now it's time to create the topsy-turvy design using three, eight-inch cauldrons.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the small cauldrons

Cut out a one-inch hole for our pipe in the bottom of each. Use a little drill and pop it through.  

Drill a hole in the sides of the small cauldrons

Next, put two little drill holes on the sides. That is what's going to help adhere it to the pipe.  

Build the topsy-turvy display

To build up my display, I want to add a one-inch pipe right inside of the small one we added at the bottom.

I painted it black.  


Then, slip one of the small cauldrons down the pipe.  


Once it’s in place, we want to tip it over to make it look like it's pouring out.

So take some zip ties, put them through the holes, and pull one side close to the pipe.

You're going to do that with all three.  

Small cauldrons attached to a pipe with zip ties

After you have it tight, cut that excess off. 

Spooky Cauldron

When you get to the top one, make sure the pipe is level with the side of the pot.  


8. Illuminate the Smaller Cauldrons

It's time for more lights. Take these fairy lights and put them in there and glue this on the switch to the back of that cauldron.  

Add foam to the small cauldrons

9. Fill the Smaller Cauldrons

Take some foam and fill up the three small cauldrons. 


Add some bones and some eyeballs while the foam is still wet.  

Create a bubbling cauldron effect with foam

Once we get them full and it looks like it's spilling over, take it outside and get it ready to display. Doesn't that look great?  

Haunted cauldron decor for Halloween

With its eerie glow, creepy critters, and mesmerizing effects, this decoration will be the highlight of your Halloween setup.

Halloween cauldron craft with dry ice effect


Remember that cup we added? Well, to finish it off, we're going to fill it with water and put some dry ice in there.  

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Haunted house prop: DIY boiling cauldron

It makes a wonderful sound and has an amazing special effect. Your little trick-or-treaters are going to love this! 

Did you enjoy creating your Topsy Turvy Cauldron? Share your thoughts, tips, and photos in the comments below. Let's celebrate the spooky season together and inspire fellow crafters to join in the fun!

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  • Halloween decorations
  • Cauldrons
  • Floral foam blocks
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    That is my plan B. Also since early enough May stumble upon a sale. Thanks for sharing

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    That is so cute... I may try it with just one cauldron since our dollar tree raised all their prices, I could probably afford to do it on a lesser scale for my budget, but this one is really cute... good job!!