Topsy Turvy Cauldrons

Mitchell Couch
by Mitchell Couch

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.

It's dollar tree time. Grab some basic Halloween supplies for this super cool project that everyone will love.

Start by grabbing some floral foam. 

You will also want some spooky eyeballs. 

Grab some old bones. They look great.  

Then, the spookiest of all; a creepy spider.  

To assemble our topsy turvy cauldrons, you are going to need a large, black cauldron and a wooden board. This is what's going to hold our project together at the bottom.  

Flip the cauldron over, and add some glue; good adhesive glue on the bottom. I also added a little hot glue to keep it in place while the adhesive is drying.  

When all the glue is on, flip it over and push it onto the board. 

Remember that floral foam? We're going to take one and a quarter-inch PVC pipe and push it right through the middle. It just pops right through.  

Again, take the same adhesive that we used before, put it in the corners, and add some hot glue. Then stick it in the center of the cauldron.  

Add another piece of floral foam on top the same way. We need to build up agood base. 


Once they are together, stick the PVC pipe right in the middle. 

The next thing I did was grab some green fairy lights. These are perfect andinexpensive. 


Now take two clear cups and remember those eyeballs, get those handy, and ready to go.  

We're going to take the fairy lights and put them all around the cup. 

Then place it right inside the next one. You'll see the magic with that later.  

Take those eyeballs, and drill a little hole in the back of each.  

Take the fairy lights and put one light in each of the eyeballs.  

Use a little dab of hot glue over the hole to hold them in place.  

Next, use hot glue to attach the battery pack to the fairy lights to the back of the cauldron.  

Now it’s time to fill the cauldron. Using big gap expanding foam I just started spraying it all in. Don't worry. If you cover up the pipe, we'll clean that off later.  

Use a little popsicle stick when you are done and remove any foam from the pipe opening.  

Then we're going to put some of the expanding foam on the lip and board. It looks like our little cauldron is boiling over. It's going to be great.  

The spider is going to get stuck right into the foam.  

Now take that cup with the lights and put it near the front edge. Stick it right into the foam.  

To fill in some of the space so that I don’t have to use so much foam, I also filled the cauldron with some more floral foam. 


Now take that foam, and put it all over the base. Add some eyeballs and bones as well. They will make it look cool.  

Next, I have three little eight-inch cauldrons that I want to add.  

We need to cut out a one-inch hole for our pipe in the bottom of each. Use a little drill and pop it through.  

Next, we're going to put two little drill holes on the sides. That is what's going to help adhere it to the pipe.  

To build up my display, I want to add a one-inch pipe right inside of the small one we added at the bottom. I painted it black.  

Then, slip one of the small cauldrons down the pipe.  

Once it’s in place, we want to tip it over to make it look like it's pouring out. So take some zip ties, put them through the holes, and pull one side close to the pipe. You're going to do that with all three.  

After you have it tight, cut that excess off. 

When you get to the top one, make sure the pipe is level with the side of the pot.  

It's time for more lights. We're going to take these fairy lights and put them in there and glue this on the switch to the back of that cauldron.  

Next, we're going to take some foam and just start filling up all of these little cauldrons. 

Add some bones and some eyeballs while the foam is still wet.  

Once we get them full and it looks like it's spilling over, we're going to take it outside and get it ready for display. Doesn't that look great?  

It looks even better at night! You've got you a spooky little design right there. 

Remember that cup we added? Well, to finish it off, we're going to fill it with water and put some dry ice in there.  

It makes a wonderful sound and has an amazing special effect. Your little trick-or-treaters are going to love this! 

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