1. Create An Eerie 8 Foot Garden Ghost

Meet Doodle T and Me! She's conjured up an exciting Halloween ghost project!

All you need are wire tomato cages, white plastic garbage bags, and a paint roller with a long stick. Follow a few easy steps: arrange the cages, tape them, add paper plates with battery candles, and cover everything with the bags. Draw a face, drape a netting panel, and your ghost is ready to shine!

During the day, it's a cool garden decoration. But when night comes, the battery candles glow, turning it into a spooky sight. Get tutorial here

2. Conjure Up a Chilling Halloween Graveyard

Turn your yard into a bone-chilling Halloween spectacle with Mitch Couch's guide to crafting a spooky graveyard scene.

Repurpose an old pallet, and paint it to life with layers of ghostly greys and blacks, then weave enchanting orange lights beneath for an otherworldly glow. Add skull and hand decorations peeking through the slats, and don't forget the rat accent for extra chills.

Set the stage for trick-or-treaters to be captivated by this hauntingly delightful sight, sure to make your Halloween unforgettable. Get tutorial here

3. Haunt Your Yard With a Chicken Wire Ghost Dress

Dive into the eerie world of Halloween decorations with this project that adds a touch of frightful charm.

Guided by Amanda C, you'll use just four materials and a budget-friendly $20 to craft your very own ghostly creation. In about three hours, you'll shape chicken wire into a ghostly figure, complete with a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark spray paint finish.

Imagine the chills as this ethereal dress sways in the wind, creating an otherworldly presence in your yard. Get tutorial here

4. Build a Terrifying PVC Pipe Yard Monster

Halloween lover Amanda shares her DIY magic, revealing a wallet-friendly way to create an 8 ft creepy creature that'll give your yard a spine-chilling vibe.

Armed with PVC pipes and connectors, bale wire, and a touch of duct tape, assemble the eerie 'skeleton.' Don't worry if DIY isn't your middle name—Amanda's step-by-step instructions and friendly advice make it a breeze. After crafting the frame, let your imagination run wild with decorations.Maybe it's a wicked witch today or a ghastly ghoul tomorrow—customizing is a snap.

Plus, Amanda's tips on making the hands and adding characterful details ensure your monster is ready to scare. Get tutorial here

5. Craft Spine-Chilling Halloween Cage Props

Amanda shares another spooktacular yard decoration with us, crafting creepy skeleton cage props that'll send chills down anyone's spine.

Her step-by-step guide walks you through the process. Grab two small laundry baskets, fake chain, zip ties, black and silver spray paint, scissors, and some eerie Halloween decorations from Dollar Tree. Start by cutting out handles on one basket and attaching the chain with rings to create the cage. Give them an aged look by spray painting in black and silver.

Hang these cages in your yard for an instant frightful vibe that'll make your Halloween decorations stand out. Get tutorial here

6. Create a Chilling Dead Body Halloween Prop

Jersey Girl Knows Best shares her creepy body bag project with us!
In just 10 minutes and using only 4 materials costing $5, you can conjure a chilling Halloween atmosphere that's perfect for kids (under adult supervision, of course).

Grab small and large shopping bags, 2 contractor bags, clear packing tape, and duct tape to get started. Stuff the small bags into the larger bags, seal them up with tape, and arrange them cleverly to form a creepy body bag.

Attach the legs, tape key sections, and voilà – a frightfully fun addition to your yard that can be stored easily for years to come. Get tutorial here

7. Mummify a Plastic Skeleton

Join Katrina Warren on her eerie adventure as she mummifies a plastic skeleton, turning it into a spine-chilling masterpiece.

Grab a plastic skeleton (even a feline version), clear plastic painter's drip cloth, spray adhesive, a heat gun, brown acrylic paint, and clear spray. Follow along as Katrina expertly wraps the skeleton in crinkled plastic, using heat to create a realistic, bone-chilling effect. Once your mummified creation is complete, you can apply a water-based stain or diluted acrylic paint for a dried, mummified skin appearance. Seal it all in with a matte clear spray or even waterproof it with Spar Urethane for outdoor use.

Now you truly have a spine-tingling Halloween yard decoration! Get tutorial here

8. Craft Creepy Mummy Hands for Just $1

Unleash your inner Halloween artist with this easy and exciting DIY project by Shawna Bailey. Transform your yard into a chilling masterpiece by crafting your own Creepy Mummy Hands.

Using simple materials like masking tape, a straw, and a glow stick, you'll create eerily realistic hands that appear to rise from the earth.

Get ready to delight trick-or-treaters and amaze your neighbors, all while having a blast crafting these spine-tingling creations. Get tutorial here

9. Add a Frightful Skull Fountain to Your Yard

Step up your Halloween decor with Cynthia E's DIY Halloween Skull Fountain!

Using easily accessible materials like a plastic cauldron, a plastic skull, and a tabletop fountain pump, you can create a spine-chilling masterpiece. Trace and cut holes in the skull for water flow, attach a customized PVC pipe to elevate the skull, and secure it all with silicone. Seal the pieces, add red food coloring for a "bloody" effect, and consider dry ice and underwater lights for extra eeriness.

This project will add a delightfully creepy and frightful vibe to your yard. Get tutorial here

10. Create an Eerie Halloween Tombstone

Heather Smith's ingenious idea summons spine-chilling vibes without the hefty price tag. With just two materials and around 6 hours of easy crafting, you can conjure your own chilling graveyard scene with headstones.

From cutting out the eerie tombstone design to smoothing edges with a drywall tool, Heather's project is a breeze. After painting, use a wood burner to etch in ghastly letters and details. Add a touch of fake blood for extra eeriness.

Unleash your imagination and dive into this addictive, cost-effective Halloween décor endeavor – your yard will become the talk of the town! Get tutorial here

11. DIY a Creepy Spider Yard Decoration

With Halloween just around the corner, Ashleigh Sommer took ordinary PVC pipes and turned them into a creepy-crawly spider.

By cleverly cutting and assembling the PVC pipes, Ashleigh crafted eight eerie spider legs. She used a recycled water jug and some ingenuity to form the spider's body, wrapping it in a black garbage bag for a haunting effect. A coat of black spray paint and some crafty assembly brought the legs to life. Ashleigh's resourceful approach, including using electrical tape and even cardboard for reinforcement, ensured her spider would stand strong. To top it off, she added googly eyes for a playful touch.

With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll create a truly unique and spine-chilling yard decoration that's perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit. Get tutorial here

12. Make a Hair-Raising DIY Skull Topiary

Looking to give your yard a spine-tingling touch? Dive into the Halloween spirit with a DIY Skull Topiary crafted by Shelly L Nemeth.

In just an hour, you can bring eerie elegance to your front door with this easy and affordable project. Using skulls, along with basic supplies like paint, styrofoam, and hot glue, you'll stack the skulls on a metal pole, creating a hauntingly beautiful display.

From highlighting crevices with black paint to adding Spanish moss for a chilling finish, this project promises to turn heads and add a delightfully creepy vibe to your Halloween yard. Get tutorial here

13. Craft Charmingly Eerie Jack o' Lanterns

Get ready to infuse your space with delightfully spooky jack-o-lantern ornaments in this project by Bryan's Workshop!

His easy-to-follow guide brings the charm of homemade holiday decor right to your front yard. By using simple materials like toilet paper, wood glue, and joint compound, you'll whip up a durable paper-clay mixture that's perfect for creating adorable pumpkin sculptures. Bryan's pro tips ensure your creations come out just right. From molding your pumpkin's shape around an armature to adding a wire for hanging, he's got you covered. Once your pumpkins dry, it's time for the artistic touch – paint on faces and seal with a glossy finish.

Soon, your yard will be transformed into a spooky wonderland, radiating a chilling and enchanting vibe that's sure to impress your neighbors and trick-or-treaters alike. Get tutorial here

14. Build a Haunted Halloween Arch

Discover an enchanting Halloween archway DIY project by Mitch.
Using Dollar Tree supplies like pool noodles, he crafts a spooky entrance. The step-by-step guide starts with cutting and shaping the noodles, then wrapping them for texture. After painting and assembling the arch's base, Mitch ingeniously uses zip ties to attach the noodles, resulting in an eerie, eye-catching creation.
Join Mitch on this creative journey and bring a touch of Halloween magic to your home. Get tutorial here