Ghostly Garden Magic: How to Create an 8-Foot Spectacle in a Snap

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Summer is Behind Us. Your Garden is Done. The Beds are Cleared. The Soil is Turned. There's a Cold Snap in the Air. Now is the Perfect Time for the Towering Garden Ghost to Appear...

Let's Make a Garden Ghost in a Flash...

Ready?? Let's Go!!

Materials to Create Your Garden Ghost:

  • 4- Wire Tomato Cages (Ghost Body - Armature)
  • 6- White Plastic Garbage Bags
  • 1- Paint Roller with Extension Pole (Ghost Arms)
  • Duct Tape
  • 3 - Paper Plates
  • 2 - Battery Candles with Timer
  • 1 - Ikea Netting Drapery Panel

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How to make an 8-Foot garden ghost

1. Frame Preparation – The Backbone of Your Ghost

Stake two wire tomato cages firmly in the garden soil, and then crown them with the remaining two cages, linking the rings together at the top.

Spooky yard decorations

Buy a set of 4 tomato cages using this Amazon LINK.

Ghost decor idea

2. Secure Cage Rings with Duct Tape

We are going to secure the rings of the cage together with duct tape, this will also create a base for the plates and battery light to sit on.

Creating a base from duct tape

Create a crisscross pattern for the base.

Paper plate and battery operated candle

3. Add an Eerie Glow

Secure the paper plate to the bases you just created and set the battery candles on top of each plate.

How to create a ghost for Halloween

Here are the Tomato Cages with Candles...Side by Side.

Battery Candles...Amazon LINK.

Paint roller with the extender pole

4. Add the Arms

The Paint Roller with the extender pole will be the arms of the garden ghost.

Adding arms

Thread the paint roller through the tomato cages, attaching it with duct tape.

Cloak the frame in white bags

5. Veil the Ghost Form

Cover the tomato cage armature with white plastic garbage bags.

Ghost decoration

Make sure the entire form is covered with these white bags.

A spooky ghost face

6. Create the Ghostly Face

For the garden ghost face, poke 2 holes in the top rim of the paper plate.

Draw Simple Black Ghost Eyes and Mouth on the Paper Plate.

Once decorated with a face, the plate can be stuck on the top of the cage stakes.

Back view of garden ghost

This is what the ghost looks like from the back. It isn't pretty but it is stable and secure.

Garden ghost form

Here is the front view of the ghost form.

Now let's add the finishing touch.

Netting from Ikea

7. Drape the Ghost with Netting

An Ikea netting drapery panel serves as the perfect ethereal garb.

Thread cord through the netting

Thread a cord through the drapery channel, and tie it in a knot to create a ring.

Eerie Halloween garden ideas

Drop the drapery panel ring over the top of the armature allowing it to cascade gracefully, embodying the true essence of your Garden Ghost.

Drape the ghost in netting

It is a little more goofy than creepy in the daylight, the night is when the Magic Happens...

Halloween ghost project

8-Foot Garden Ghost Tutorial

At dusk, the candles turn on...

Spooky yard ideas for Halloween

And the garden ghost slowly begins to come alive.

Make your own scary ghost

As the Sky Darkens...

How to decorate your yard for Halloween

A menacing Spector Floats into the Garden Space...

Spooky 8-Foot ghost DIY

Standing strong against the Autumn Cold...

Crafting a Magical Garden Ghost

And Just a Little Bit Scary every Night.

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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Suggested materials:
  • Tomato cages   (Amazon)
  • Battery Candles   (Amazon)
  • Ikea Drapery Panel Netting   (Amazon)
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