Ranch Flip Brockton,MA

Existing windows and siding
Stripped siding and brick
Existing siding and window
Existing trees will be removing
Gable with new windows installed and brick removed from lower half
So tough to work when the lights go out
Oh ya getting late time to find my tools there in the darkkk some where
This is a pic of the front but as you can see or not I work till the candles go out
New steel front door installed
more trim to remove
All this trim will be removed
Trim to be removed
this will be a closet near the front door
Bathroom yet to be worked on
new window
new vinyl window installed
Trees to be installed
Getting ready to install new roof
Existing crank out window and siding
Existing siding door and window
New vinyl windows
Gable side with brick stripped off
New fluted corner post front door vinyl windows 2 1/2" wht j-channel trim around windows and doors
Front after siding
New siding and corner post
New shower unit to be installed
Old window in garage
New electrial service to be installed
New vinyl sliding windows in garage
New vinyl sliding windows
Installed new fluted corner posts and started new siding
Stripping off old vinyl siding
Sured roof trusses installed three 1 3/4" x 9 1/4" beams as to opening up kitchen area to ajoining room
New colonial six panel doors
New vinyl sliding window
New six panel door
Existing closet
New six panel colonial door
Patching around window
Patch work
New 6 panel door
Patching in around windows
New siding on gable
Taping and seaming around new windows
Furring around brick
Stripping old siding
New electricial service siding trim and windowa
Front after new siding installed
Raised the theshold 3" on this door also cut 3" off the door these ranches are built on slab foundations had to be raised as we will be putting 6 mil plastic and a double layer of 3/4" plywood with pre-finished bruce hardwood flooring over slab
Patched in all the existing siding with what we stripped off the gable and front and power washed
This was also patched in and power washed
New windows installed taped and seamed with trim installled
New window trimed out taped and seamed
Closet with new trim
New trim around closet opening
new sheetrock on ceiling in laundry room
New sheetrock on ceiling
Patched in wall area with sheetrock
New exterior 6 panel steel door
New insulated steel garage door
Interior side of gargage door
Started tape and seam work
First coat
Re-routing the plumbing
Plumbing work
New heat and water runs
This is one of the many things in my work which I enjoy doing this only the first coat of 3 to be allpy'd
I take great time allpying the first coat ( if you watch me do it you would think I was going pretty fast) it took me many years to master tapeing and seaming it is diff not for everyone
all most like I knew what I was doing
Like an artist
Kinda makes your arm tired after a while you get use to that I don't take many brakes I'm use to it
Ceiling first coated
This is a good size garage
Apply'd second coat to back side of ceiling
Sencond app of joint compound
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  • Donna Donna on Jan 23, 2016
    Is this in one of the Campanelli developments? I have a friend (in Brockton) who would LOVE to see this remodel. I will share with her. This is looking so awesome!!!
  • Tom Lea Zinter Tom Lea Zinter on Oct 27, 2020

    So amazing to see the promise this makes in a neighborhood!