How to Make a Dreamcatcher: An Easy Tutorial

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Did you have a dreamcatcher growing up? I remember one I had in my room as a child. It was made from lace and delicate. I had it hanging over my bed and every night I would look at it as I peacefully drifted to sleep.

How to Make a Dreamcatcher (

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Dreamcatchers actually originated in Native American culture and were considered sacred. They were made using a handmade hoop with a woven net in the center. They were hung above infant cradles for protection and traditionally decorated with feathers. Today, they are more mainstream but no less handmade.  

How to Make a Dreamcatcher: Step by Step

Dreamcatchers can be made from a variety of materials and in a variety of sizes. They are such a sweet addition to your kids' rooms and nurseries. And if you love that bohemian, eclectic style, then this DIY dreamcatcher tutorial is for you.

Step # 1: Gather your Materials for your DIY Dreamcatcher

The first step for making your dreamcatcher, like most other projects, is to gather up all the materials you need.

You will be surprised to learn that you don’t need that much! And some of these items, if not all, you may have around the house already. You will need the following materials:

  • Hoop - embroidery hoop, macrame hoop or anything circular (even a bike rim works as you’ll see in a minute!) You could also use wire and form it into a circular shape.
  • Lace or Doilies
  • Fabric, yarn, ribbon, twine, rope or even a t-shirt - this will wrap around the hoop and hang from the bottom
  • Embellishments (optional but so pretty): Beads, faux flowers, feathers, tassels, charms etc. Get creative!
  • Hot Glue Gun and hot glue sticks
  • Scissors 
Boho Dreamcatcher (

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All of these items can be purchased online at stores like Amazon or at your local craft stores, like Michael’s or Joann Fabric. And you probably have a lot of them just lying around the house already I’m guessing. Thrift stores and yard sales are also a good place to look for materials. This DIY dreamcatcher doesn’t have to cost a lot to look pretty!

DIY dreamcatcher (A Crafty Mix - Michelle)

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Step # 2: Wrap your Dreamcatcher Hoop with Yarn or Fabric

Now that we have all our materials at the ready, let’s start by wrapping your hoop with the yarn or fabric (or rope or twine - whatever you are using) of your choice. You want to wrap this all the way around so that none of the hoop parts shows through. Secure it to your hoop using your hot glue gun. Be careful not to burn yourself on the hot glue!

DIY Boho Dreamcatcher (Rachel Metz)

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Step # 3: Attach the Yarn or Fabric from the bottom of the Hoop

Now let’s take care of the hanging part of our dreamcatchers. If you are using fabric or a t-shirt, you will want to cut the fabric into thin strips, almost like you are making fabric ribbons. You are going to attach your fabric, ribbon, twine, rope etc to your hoop. You can attach it to the hoop by using either a macrame technique called a Lark’s Head knot, or just with your hot glue gun or by tying a simple knot. The Lark’s Head Knot makes for a beautiful final presentation.

If you want to try the Lark’s Head knot, you want to make sure your fabric strips or ribbons are twice the length of the finished hanging ribbon from the hoop. So for example, if you want the fabric hanging down 12 inches from the hoop, then you should have a piece of ribbon or fabric that is 24 inches long. You are going to take your string and fold in half so the two ends meet. Then, place the loop of the strings under the bottom of the hoop. Take the two ends and fish them over the hoop and through the loop. Pull tight and you will see them attach securely to your hoop! Continue to make lark’s head knots with each of your strings until you get to the width that you want. This is so fun, isn’t it? 

How to Make a DIY Boho Dreamcatcher (Rachel Metz)

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Step Attach your lace or doily to the back of the dreamcatcher hoop

This DIY dreamcatcher is really coming together! Now it’s time to take your lace or doily and attach it to the back of the hoop. Flip your dreamcatcher over and place hot glue around the rim. Now place your lace or doily on top and carefully press the lace/doily into place. Cut away the excess lace from the sides of the hoop.  

Crochet Dreamcatcher (Sarune)

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Step your Dreamcatcher

Now it’s time to embellish our dreamcatchers. Here are some great ideas!

If you have some faux flowers, you can hot glue them to the rim all the way around or just one side - be creative and look to Hometalk for some inspiration! You can also take beads and attach them to your fabric or string or fish them through and knot them into place. Tassels are also really pretty to attach to your DIY dreamcatchers. This is your chance to be creative and go wild with your design!  

Dreamcatcher Feathers (

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Step Hang your beautiful new DIY Dreamcatcher

After all the glue dries, it’s time to hang this beautiful dreamcatcher that you just made. A simple picture hanger or those 3M sticky hooks would work perfectly. No more bad dreams! Great job!

Doily Dreamcatcher (Sarune)

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How to make a Dreamcatcher from upcycled materials

Well, we just learned how to make a dreamcatcher from new materials. But did you know that you can upcycle everyday items into dreamcatchers? 

Check out these ingenious projects done by fellow Hometalkers.

First up, a pretty dreamcatcher made out of a brass strainer. She added pretty charms and other embellishments. You would never know this all started in the kitchen! 

A Wire-Woven Dreamcatcher to Make in Minutes (Michlosangeles)

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This next dreamcatcher was made using some scrap metal and a bicycle rim! Yes, you read that right - a bicycle rim. Again, anything circular will work for your DIY dreamcatchers. Sometimes you need to get a little creative with what you already have lying around the house. 

Dreamcatcher ...My Way! (Kat)

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Dreamcatcher Ideas for Boys and Girls Rooms

Now that we know how to make a dreamcatcher, you may be wondering how to decorate one for the room of a boy or girl. Well, you are in luck because there are so many great dreamcatcher ideas out there for you! Of course, you could always go the neutral route and that would ensure your dreamcatcher will go with any room!

But let’s say you want to make a DIY dreamcatcher for your son's room. You could make one using rope in different colors that will match his room, or try adding some of his favorite figurines to it like in this dreamcatcher here with the wolf. I don’t know any boy who wouldn’t love that hanging above his bed. 

DIY Dreamcatcher with wolf (MondbergTV)

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If you are making a dreamcatcher for a girl, try making the hugely popular unicorn dreamcatcher. The process is pretty much the same. All you need are some bright pink and purple or turquoise ribbons, a sparkly triangle (cut out of foam board) for the horn and some pretty faux florals to decorate it. 

You could also decorate your dreamcatcher with pretty feathers and colored beads - any girl out there would just love this!  

DIY Boho Dreamcatcher with Flowers (Rachel Metz)

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So guess what? Now you know how to make a dreamcatcher! It’s really that simple. These dreamcatchers can be beautiful additions to any room and give it that boho style that is so popular. And as you can see, DIY dreamcatchers can be made out of almost any material, so this is a budget-friendly project as well. Do you know a friend or family member who would love one of these? Give them one as a handmade gift or forward this tutorial to them so they can make their own. And don’t forget to post your DIY dreamcatcher on Hometalk - we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Karen | Decor Hint

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