A Wire-Woven Dreamcatcher To Make In Minutes

3 Materials
10 Minutes
Do you love dreamcatchers? And repurposed crafts? Here's a simple hack to make a pretty wire-woven version in just minutes. No tricky knotting involved!
Can you guess what simple household item I repurposed to make my dreamcatcher? Read on!
I started with a little brass strainer spoon. (I found mine at an Asian grocery, but you can find them at most kitchen supply stores. Try your favorite dollar store or the kitchen department of home stores and import stores. They are out there!) The main thing to look for: a loosely woven mesh. A really small or tight mesh won't have the same effect.
I squished it flat in the center, then flipped it over to squish it again. That double-squish move (yep, that's the official technical term) created a cool spiderweb look.
I trimmed the long handle short and made small loops for hanging. For an antiqued finish, I brushed on some dark pewter-colored jewelry glaze. TIP: If you don't have jewelry glaze or patina, just use a wash of brown, pewter or black craft paint!
Then I had fun adding charms and adornments. You can do anything you like, from the more traditional feathers, shells and turquoise beads to glitter, ribbons and crystal! On mine, I hung some silver feather charms, small filigrees, flying hearts and a tassel.
Close up of more flying hearts on the central 'web' section.
Voila! Ready to hang up and catch those dreams.

For those who aren't familiar with the dreamcatcher, it's a lovely Native American tradition, which has become meaningful and beautiful to many people outside of the cultures where it originated. It is a web enclosed in a circle (the circle of life), which is believed to catch bad dreams flying through the night air. When daylight comes, the bad dreams are dispersed.

A dreamcatcher would make an amazing hostess gift or a gift for someone moving into a new home or apartment.

If you like, check out the blog post for a few more photos. Hope you enjoyed the idea!
Suggested materials:
  • Wire strainer spoon   (kitchen supply store)
  • Assorted charms   (crafts stores)
  • Tassel   (fabric shop)
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Gail@Purple Hues and Me Gail@Purple Hues and Me on Jul 21, 2017
    I love your version of a dreamcatcher, Michelle! You always manage to make the best repurpose crafts!!!! This is so cool and I wish someone had given me a dreamcatcher like this one - maybe I would be sleeping better! Lol!

    • Michlosangeles Michlosangeles on Jul 21, 2017
      Why thank you, my dear! I think you need to make a purple one. Sweet dreams!

  • Rambie Rambie on Jul 31, 2017
    How cute! Old earing's would look so pretty on it. Walk a pond area and I bet you can find a feather or two!

    • Michlosangeles Michlosangeles on Jul 31, 2017
      Oh I love your earring idea! I'm really into repurposed art and that would be a charming addition to the dream catcher. Thanks, Ramble!