How to Create a DIY Fluted Accent Wall In Your Living Room

by Flippedbyfaith_

One of my clients saw a fluted accent wall and wanted the exact same thing and wondered if I could do it. I said of course!

This accent wall needed to be more than just a backdrop; it had to be a statement piece that would breathe life into the room. Here’s what I did to achieve this look.

Tools and materials

  • Painter's tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Black paint
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Drop cloth or plastic sheet
  • 10 pieces of 1x2 wood boards (or however many you need for the size wall you are creating)
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer or nail gun
  • Scrap piece of 1-inch thick wood (for spacing)
Inspiration for the fluted accent wall
Wall before the DIY project
Measuring the planning the accent wall

Step 1: Measure and plan

I began by measuring the wall to determine the dimensions for the fluted accent wall. To ensure symmetry, I measured from the center of the TV, marking the center point. This is crucial for an even and balanced design.

Painting around the perimeter first

Step 2: Prepare the wall

Using the measurements, I placed the painter's tape along the perimeter of the intended accent wall. The tape serves as a guide, indicating how big the fluted wall will be. Make sure the tape is level and adheres firmly to the wall.

Painting the accent wall

Step 3: Paint the wall

With the painter's tape in place, I used a paint roller and tray to apply black paint to the wall, carefully painting inside the taped area.

Removing the painter's tape

Step 4: Remove the Tape

I didn't wait for the paint to dry completely. Instead, I removed the painter's tape while the paint was still wet. This technique helps to create clean and sharp lines along the edges of the accent wall.

Prepping the wood boards

Step 5: Prepare the wood boards

To create the fluted design, I sprayed 10 pieces of 1x2 wood boards with the same black paint. This will ensure that the flutes blend seamlessly with the wall.

Spacing the boards evenly
Placing the boards on the wall
Nailing the boards to the wall

Step 6: Cut and nail the boards

Using a saw, I cut the painted wood boards to the desired length. Then, starting at the center point marked earlier, I nailed the boards to the wall using a hammer or nail gun.

To maintain even spacing between the wood boards and achieve a consistent fluted pattern, I grabbed a scrap piece of 1-inch thick wood. This piece of wood acted as a spacer to help me maintain equal gaps between each board.

Make sure to follow the spacing created by the spacer and maintain a consistent pattern. Continue the process working outward from the center of the wall until you have finished the wall.

DIY fluted accent wall

Once all the boards were in place, I double-checked for any uneven gaps, loose boards, and made touch-ups where they were needed with paint. This was a beautiful accent wall idea to create.

With the fluted accent wall completed, the room now had a striking and unique feature that added character and style to the space. Let me know what you think in the comments! Did it look easy to do?

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