Encapsulating a Crawl Space With Many Concrete Piers

DryZone LLC.
by DryZone LLC.
Keeping ground water from leaking up through the seams in a good CleanSpace liner is always a challenge. CleanSpace has been around for years, and installing it is a lot like an artform. What's the point of installing a high quality vapor barrier if the seams are leaky or if it looks awful? DryZone is constantly learning and updating techniques to find the absolute best way of fixing wet and dirty crawlspaces on Delmarva. One of the biggest places to get a leak is around the concrete piers. If the crawlspaces were flat and had no obstructions, this stuff would be easy to install, but they aren't. Piers are tricky to seal up, but not impossible.Solution
DryZone crew members have found that it works best to wrap the piers first, before the large sections of floor liner go down. Overlapping the liner and tape is a great way to get a good seal. This house in Lewes has ten concrete piers, which is a little about average. Each pier presents the possibility for a leak in the liner, so everyone takes special care to do them right. They are usually the first thing that your eyes are drawn to when looking in your new crawlspace, so they have to look great too. If you will look at the pictures in this case study, you will see that when the project is complete it is hard to pick out a seam in the liner around the piers.
Beginning to wrap the pillars with the CleanSpace Crawl Space Liner.
About half way through. The walls aren't lined yet.
Here's the final product. Wrapped, sealed pillars.
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