Painted Brick "Books"

by Renee
I loved the look of these books that I had seen in a pic and decided to paint my own. Very easy. Looked at pics of old books for ideas. Ordinary bricks, acrylic paints, brushes and sponge.
Used just ordinary bricks...Found this one taller filler brick...I have seen them with bricks with holes but I had these....Looked at pics of old books for ideas..Painted gold or brown lines for the pages..
Bought the paints at Hobby Lobby..Acrylic paints.
Also bought the stencils at Hobby Lobby...could get anywhere but this is where I found the small lettering...Also could be done freehand...the cursive writing was freehand..
Stencils from Hobby Lobby...
Brushes.. large one to paint the brick, small one's for some of the print and the sponge was very handy with the stencils also..
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