Metal Scraps (Like Gears and Keys)

Pair your metal scraps with jar lids to create these stunning steampunk coasters. Get tutorial here

Dull Cake Pans

So, they're not oven worthy, but that's OK - now they're just pretty storage. Get tutorial here

An Old Broom Handle

Dig up that old wooden broom handle for this clever craft organizing idea. Get tutorial here

A Broken Drying Rack

You planned to just toss this out one day, but use the rods to organize a drawer. Get tutorial here

An Old Set of Drawers

It's time to pull that old, plain set of drawers out of hiding for a fun storage update. Get tutorial here

A Dusty Crate

Any crate will do for this jewelry idea, but if you've got one that's vintage, it'll be perfect! Get tutorial here

Whatever Is in Your Recycling Bin

Pull a few empty canisters and jars from your recycling bin for these chic upcycled containers. Get tutorial here

Wood Scraps

If you've got wood scraps in a garage corner, dig around to find a few pieces for this! Get tutorial here

Trash-Bound Tires

Lots of people have a few tires stacked in their garage. It's time to move them to the garden! Get tutorial here

An Old Electric Heater

Got an old hand-me-down heater? Turn it into stylish lighting and add vintage charm to any room. Get tutorial here