Make a Weighted Bookmark for Pennies and Fast!

by Kim
I wanted a weighted bookmark to keep my pages from flopping over while I was reading. But if you google them, they are anywhere from $9.99 to over $40 plus shipping! I don't care if they are leather.... So I came up with a super fast and easy sewing option that anyone can do!! (Trust me, I'm not a great sewer'er.) :)
Make this weighted bookmark for pennies and fast. It took me 10 minutes and that included taking photos. My daughter loved it and wanted me to make her one -- So I put together a second one in maybe 6 minutes. (I used a different, lighter thread for hers.)
Get any kind of scrap fabric and cut 12 - 14 inches long and maybe 3-4 inches wide.
Turn the fabric right side IN and pin in place.
Stitch down one long end, across one of the short ends and up the other long end and STOP. Leave open the one short end... Remove from your sewing machine.
Now you have one short end still open, the hardest part is now turning it right side OUT without breaking any stitching.....
Take your time and carefully turn it right side out. I use a paint stir stick or a ruler to help push out the corners...
Now you're going to add 1 - 1 1/2 cups of plain, uncooked white rice. It's super cheap, won't attract bugs and did I mention cheap?
Now that the rice is in there, fold over the open end on both sides by pushing in each seamed edge....
It stays folded.....
Did two passes with my seam to make sure it was closed up. Not neat but I did warn you I wasn't a great sewer'er'er'er... :)
Find the center and make sure an equal amount of rice is on each end.
Find the center of the bookmark with an equal amount of rice on each end and you're going to stitch a seam to keep the rice on each end...
There is my quick center seam and I'm all done!! I had leftover fabric, the rice was in my kitchen and in minutes I now have a weighted bookmark that will keep my pages flat no matter where I am in my book!! Great for paperbacks, cookbooks in the kitchen, hardcovers, bibles, any book you want to stay open to your page without having to keep your hand or arm on it. I hope you enjoyed and will be inspired to make your own vs spending so much money ordering one.
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