Easy Non Stick Shelf Liner Wreath

Darlene Galwach
by Darlene Galwach
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I enjoy making new projects for each up and coming season. I've seen these wreaths being made, and happened to find some black shelf liner at my local Dollar Tree. And a light bulb went off. What a SPOOKTACULAR wreath it would make. Doesn't cost much and very easy project. I watched a video on You Tube by ,"Debi's wreaths and things," and she shows easy to follow instructions on how to put the liner on the wire frame leaving it as one continuous piece, instead of having to cut it into individual squares. So much easier! My advice would be to watch the video, gather your supplies early in the season from your local Dollar Tree, as they tend to sell out quickly. Put on your creative thinking cap, and have fun creating! :)The liner tends to be a lil tricky to work with at first. But once you get the hang of it , moves along quickly. I am very satisfied with the results.
Supplies you will need. I purchased mine at Dollar Tree.
One 14" wire wreath frame
Six non stick shelf liners comes in various colors
Ribbon and decorations of your choice
Pair of sharp scissors
Pair of wire cutters
Pipe cleaners or small wire ties
The rolls are 12" in length, cut them in 1/2. Each roll then measuring 6". You will do this to each 12" roll. Using one 6" roll for each individual section on the frame .
The pipe cleaners mark the guide wires you will be working on.
Working from underneath the frame, the liner is folded in half over the wire, open sides facing up. This part is explained easier watching the video. Then you push the liner into itself as you keep gathering and pushing until the section of the wire wreath is full of liner. You can adjust and fluff as you go, or after your wreath is completed.
I pinch a little of the liner at the end of each section and secure it with a pipe cleaner by twisting it tightly, then cut off the access. You can also use small wire ties. Helps to keep the liner from coming undone. Make sure to use coordinating color pipe cleaners or wire ties, so they are hidden. I use the wire cutter to cut the pipe cleaners as not to dull my scissors.
One section done!
Finished wreath!

Bow made, and playing around with ideas!
The possibilities are endless! :)
Suggested materials:
  • 6 packages of the shelf liner   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wire wreath frame   (Dollar Tree)
  • Seasonal decorations , ribbon   (Dollar Tree)
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