Create A Shining Finish On Furniture

Put a base coat of a similar color over the surface and apply the metallic cream over it. Get tutorial here

Coat Allium Flowers In Copper For The Garden

Make garden statues shine with several coats of metallic spray paint. Get tutorial here

Decorate A Garden Bust With Metal

Use a Metal Effects Kit and paint over it an aging solution, then bronze paint. Get tutorial here

Rub Vibrant Colored Stencil On Walls

Apply a base coat to the wall and transfer the jewel tone onto the surface. Get tutorial here

Update An Ugly Centerpiece With Gold

Turn from drab to fab with shimmering gold spray paint. Get tutorial here

Transform A Dresser Into A Golden Honeycomb

Cut wooden dowels into the desired, add crystal knobs, and paint gold. Get tutorial here

Assemble A Sparkling Leaf Wreath In Bronze

Paint fake leaves individually in gold and bronze, and hot glue to form. Get tutorial here

Create Shimmering Metallic Pumpkins For Fall

Use Martha Stewart’s Metallic paint to cover the pumpkins and wrap wire around the stem. Get tutorial here

Use Colored Metallic Mason Jars For Events

Prime the jars with a base coat and use a Cricut to print the letters for the event. Get tutorial here

Design Dramatic Lustrous Stenciled Coasters

Glue cork sheets onto 4”x4” wood and paint over the stencil. Get tutorial here

Use Plaster To Make Your Walls Shimmer

Utilize painter’s tape to cover the corners, roll on two coats of the base, and apply the plaster. Get tutorial here

Build A Faux Metallic Mirror With Rustoleum

Mix the crack filler and glue, let dry, then spray with Rustoleum Metallic Spray. Get tutorial here

Make Wine Bottles Into Table Decor With Paint

Tear off the labels and use Goo-Gone to remove the remnants, and spray paint with silver metallic spray paint. Get tutorial here

Use Metallic Paint To Put A Map On Your Desk

Trace cut out shapes of the continents, and fill in with Liquid Patina. Get tutorial here

Transform Your Laundry Basket With Shiny Rope

Attach felt to the outside of the basket, hot glue on the rope, and paint with rose gold paint. Get tutorial here

Coat Jewelry Holders In A Luster

Cover a leaf in air dry clay, seal cracks with modge podge, and coat in green metallic paint. Get tutorial here

Create Modern Art With Metallic Paint

Paint the bottom third with metallic silver and coat the top in a shining black. Get tutorial here

Organize With Golden Dipped Pails

Cut off the painted part with painter’s tape, use Americana Multi Surface Metallic Paint, and adhere label to the front of the pail. Get tutorial here

Design Metallic Mermaid Scales On Walls

Add RIT Fabric Dye to the wall to create the ombre and use a sheer metallic paint over the dye. Get tutorial here

Breathe Life Into An Old Trunk With Luster

Create a patina look with metal effects, then use a Modern Masters Primer. Get tutorial here

Make Your Easter Eggs A Metallic Bronze

Hot glue eggs to styrofoam wreath and spray paint till desired. Get tutorial here

Upcycle Books To A Shining Finish

Rip the spine off of the books and lightly paint on the metallic. Get tutorial here

Decorate A Jewelry Box With Gold Dots

Place paper hole reinforcements over box, then paint inside the hole. Get tutorial here

Highlight Accents On Your Pet’s Bed With Gold

Paint a tiny picture frame of your pet inside or paint a decorative accent on top of the bed. Get tutorial here

Adorn Wine Glasses In Metallic Paint

Place initial of person in the center, and paint over with shimmering silver paint. Get tutorial here

Build A Produce Basket With Metallic

Unroll and measure wire to desired length, then spray with Rustoleum paint. Get tutorial here

Decorate Shining Gazing Balls For The Garden

Take a bowling ball, spray paint, and coat in gems or glass. Get tutorial here

Create A Beautiful Planter With Rusted Metal

Use a water base primer, and spread the texture effects over a stencil. Get tutorial here

Create A Patina Shining Finish On A Statue

Coat bronze shimmer paint over statue, and coat with a glaze. Get tutorial here