What to Do With a Plastic Shoe Rack.

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
4 Materials
10 Minutes
I got this in my donation station and while I only own 4 pairs of shoes, I saw it's potential for other things.
I took three extension cords and hung them, wrapped, on two of the shoe hooks.
If you only have one you can wrap it by itself on alternate hooks.
You can use it to keep unrolled skeins of yarn. If you have three that are different (or the same like mine) and you want to work all three at once with a larger hook or needles, this is handy.
Your game board is probably better than mine but this is a makeshift sample to let you see you can set up a chess, checker or game board for a faux table.

I didn't have any flowers to dry but you can hang this upside down from your porch or balcony/deck and dry some pretty flowers. Yarrow is growing all over right now and they dry pretty enough to hang from a country wall in your kitchen. Just dry, spray with hairspray or shellac and you are set.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic shoe rack   (Donation Station in our club house.)
  • Skeins of yarn   (Had at home)
  • Extension cords   (Borrowed from my maintenance man)
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  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Aug 15, 2017

    great idea...my cords are wrapped up in a pile on my porch..looks horrible but use them often. This is a GREAT IDEA ! Now? I need a way to cover this to keep cords dry..Hmmm...any ideas? And not a plastic bag !

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