Shoe Storage Solutions & ideas

Looking for the best shoe storage solutions for your entryway? Need some ideas and tips to get you started on the right foot? We've got you covered with useful secrets from our Hometalkers that will guide you through the process of everything you need to know. From video tutorials to top projects, this is your one-stop-shop for all your DIY needs.

Storing Shoes in Entryways
Prioritize your shoes
Don’t try and squeeze in every pair of shoes. Keep the shoes you wear most frequently in the prime locations next to the door for easy access.
Store shoes on different levels
Make sure there are multiple storage levels to increase space. If you can’t expand storage space horizontally, look for vertical solutions.
Display shoes on shelves
Use shelves to store shoes to combat limited floor space. Display shoes like ornaments if you take particular pride in your footwear.
Use baskets underneath tables
Don’t let the space under a console table go to waste. Store baskets underneath the table to provide a tidy space for shoes.
Add tension rods to maximize space
Look for suitable entryway walls that can accommodate rows of tension rods for hanging shoe storage, keeping floor space clear.
Top Projects for Entryway Shoe Storage Solutions

Here are the top DIY shoe storage solution projects. Great ways to hide them away.

Popular Slideshows for Entryway Shoe Storage Solutions

Slideshows of various DIY entryway shoe storage solutions. Try not to be impressed.

Entryway Shoe Storage Solution Videos

Take a look at our DIY videos on shoe storage solutions for your entryway.

Shoe Storage Milk Crates

I'm going to show you guys how to make a shoe storage out of milk crates and zip ties. It's a cost effective, practical solution for storage shoes (or whatever else you can need)

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DIY Skateboard Shelfs

Skateboard shelving comes in handy for unique storage! Perfect touch for any home with a skater in it! These are beyond simple to install and I have them all over my home. If you don't have new skateboards you can use, recycle old ones. Let's get started!

The Easiest Way to Hang Anything on Your Walls (without Using a Drill)

Post sponsored by Sugru I get nervous every time I have to pick up a drill or hammer to hang anything on my walls. In fact, I usually leave things on countertops or display them on shelves rather than hang them up. Recently, I learned about an amazing product that can actually help me hang anything at all on my wall, no tools necessary, and it’s so easy to use!