DIY Entryway Closet Ideas

Do you have questions about how to build entryway closets yourself? How many shelves? How many drawers? How high to hang the rods? We've got answers to these questions and more on our discussion boards, slideshows, and video tutorials. Take a look at our projects to find the right entryway closet for your needs. We've got you covered.

Tips for Entryway Closets

Store the essentials

Only store things in an entryway closet that need to be near the door for easy access. Clutter makes a closet difficult to use in a rush.

Add rails for coat storage

Keep your coats hidden by installing rails in the closet. Having different levels of rails can maximize space and cater for different heights.

Use space on the inside of the door

Install hooks on the inside of the door for bonus storage. These are perfect for hanging shopping or tote bags for grabbing on your way out.

Use storage boxes for a tidy closet

Battle clutter by keeping items in designated storage boxes. These can be stacked to create extra space.

Install shelves for more storage

Divide your closet into shelves to keep things tidy. Having lower shelves for shoes and upper shelves for bags creates an efficient layout.

Top Projects for Entryway Closets

Take a look through our top entryway closet DIY projects and plan your own.

New Entryway Closet Projects

Need some new inspiration for your next entryway closet project? Read on.