DIY Entryway Coat Rack & Hook Ideas

Don't drape your coat over a chair when you get home, hang it on a coat rack! Hometalk can help you create the best coat racks and hooks for your needs. Browse our top, best, and newest projects. Participate in the discussion on our discussion boards, or learn something new by watching an instructional video. Good luck!

Hook Ideas for Your Entryway

Keep your coats organized

Install coat racks to stop coats from getting thrown across a bannister or table. Wet coats will also dry much more efficiently on a rack.

Look after your keys

Add hooks to keep your keys safe and ready for you before you leave the house. Looking for lost keys is stressful, so give your key a home.

Use novelty hooks

Hooks don’t have to be devoid of personality. Look for themed hooks that make a functional item full of character.

Layer hooks at different levels

Consider installing hooks at staggered heights to maximize wall space, and to cater to people of different heights.

Add hooks on the stairs

Extend a small entryway by adding hooks alongside the stairs. Find convenient space for hanging coats alongside the lower stairs.

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How to Make an Easy Coat Rack for a Tiny Entryway

My LA apartment has a tiny entryway - it so small that there's barely enough room for the door to open all the way! Without a closet nearby, I had to get creative to find a way to hang coats and purses right by the front door but still leave room for the front door to open fully. Being a renter, I also wanted to find a way to do that without having to put any holes in the wall. My solution was to make a coat rack using 1"x3" pine boards that's sits flush to the wall and that rests on the floor!

Turn Toy Animals Into Fun Clothing Hooks

These clothing hooks made out of plastic animals are the cutest and easiest bedroom organization to make. I used them in my daughter's room as children's bedroom decor, but I like them so much, I think I'll be making more for other rooms too.

Repurpose Wire Hangers by Creating a Coat Rack

So your closet is filled with wire hangers, yet you have no place to put you and your guests' coats and hats when you walk in the house. Well, let's change that. Never throw your coat or keys just anywhere again with this easy DIY! Ok I don’t know about you, but whenever I see wire hangers I think of the movie Mommie Dearest, and I think why are there wire hangers in my closet LOL. I mean did I learn anything from Ms. Joan Crawford 😒. Hahaha Ok but seriously how many of you take your clothes to the dry cleaners on a regular basis and before you know it you have a closet that’s filled with all of these wire hangers. It’s practical yes, but it's not pretty. Here’s a project in which you can repurpose those wire hangers versus sending it to the landfill. Make a coat rack with those old hangers. So here’s what you do..

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