DIY Entryway Table Ideas

Is building your own entryway table your next DIY project? Here you can tips, tricks, and building hacks on how to best build them. Take a look at our discussion boards, video tutorials, and slideshows. Browse our top, best, and newest entryway table projects for creative ideas. Make yourself at home.

Entryway Table Ideas
Choose a table that fits the room
Pick a table that isn’t going to dominate the entryway. Err on the smaller size if in doubt – don’t let the table cause an obstruction.
Consider a console table
Use a console table if space is at a premium. Their narrow size makes the entryway easy to navigate while still providing a useful surface.
Let a little light in
If natural light is in short supply, find space for a lamp on the table. When you’re expecting guests, this can create a welcoming vibe.
Add drawers to your table
Small drawers under the table can provide limited but valuable storage. In particular, these can be the ideal place to store house or car keys.
Use surface space creatively
Find room on your entryway table for a plant, a photo frame, or a mail organizer. Adding a personal touch makes coming home even more pleasant.
Top Projects for Entryway Tables

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