From Awful to Awesome! Sofa Table Rescue Project Using Unicorn SPiT

BJ Massa (Junk'd Up)
by BJ Massa (Junk'd Up)
I found a sofa table with very nice bones at a local thrift and for $40 it was a bargain. I knew I could turn it into something special.
So I never have s before pic because 1) I'm not a blogger or tutorial kinda girl and 2) I get really excited to start my pieces after I've obsessed over what they should be
First step was to sand down the top to bare wood. It was a solid wood top that had seen better days and the existing finish was all worn off. So- orbital sander. Yay!
First I sprayed the top with some Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint. I suppose I could have used a silver metallic but I didn't have any on hand. Then I got out my Unicorn SPiT. I did the Aura Blast technique. It's like finger painting. I used a baby medicine dispenser to put down a line of SPiT. Then with my hand I fanned out the SPIT using a sweeping motion. Let it dry. Then kept adding more lines and fanning til the whole top was covered.
Finished off the base with some Paris Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and some more Unicorn SPiT in Midnight's Blackness.
Staged it. Posted it and sold it within a few hours. Couple weeks later got a message from the buyer saying how happy she is with it. She had friends over and everybody wanted to know where she got her sofa table!
It's so hard to capture the depth on camera. It almost looks 3D.
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  • Jtf42408687 Jtf42408687 on May 17, 2019

    What do you use to finish this piece? Whats the best sealant to use? I'm so impressed with this!!

  • Betsy Stevens Betsy Stevens on May 17, 2019

    Hi Bj, hopefully just one more question. After you put your black Spit on what do you put over it to get your shine?

    Thanks Again


  • Betsy Stevens Betsy Stevens on May 25, 2019

    Hello Bj. I've looked at alot of your work you are very talented with Unicorn Spit. Will you help me with this please? Like your side table, I'm going to be using Annie Sloans dark gray chalk paint on my table, then I'm going to put my design on the table with Unicorn Spit, I want to have a thick shine like epoxy on it in the end, so what would I do after I put my design on after it dries is that the time to put the epoxy on it. Could you recommend what to use and how to do it. Also what brands are the best?

    Bj, you'll probably be my go to person.

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