DIY Entryway Bench Ideas

Have you been searching for the perfect entryway bench for your space? Not sure where to start? We have the answers for you. From tutorial videos to top projects, we have ideas to inspire you and get you on the path to creating your own entryway bench. Be sure to follow the popular discussions happening right now on the topic. Have fun!

Entryway Bench Basics
An entryway bench isn’t a seat
An entryway bench shouldn’t dominate the space. Its main purpose is to act as a focal point rather than a place to sit comfortably.
Make full use of your bench
Use a bench with internal storage to maximize the value of objects in your entryway.
Open or closed storage
When choosing to use your bench as a storage device, decide what you want to store and whether it should be on display or not.
Compare and contrast colors
An entryway bench is a great way to make a statement. Paint it in colors that contrast with your walls. Consider matching your door color.
Combine with hooks for max impact
Install hooks or a floating shelf above a bench to break up an empty space in your entryway.
Top Projects for Entryway Benches

Visit our top DIY entryway projects and ideas and learn how to furnish your space.

Entryway Bench Videos

DIY video tutorials on entryway bench ideas. Let us help you out.

Easy Crate Bench on Wheels

You have probably noticed by now how much I love working with wooden crates. It's amazing how much you can actually do with them. This time, I decided to create a bench on wheels. This has to be one of my favorite crate projects for home decor. It's fully functional and I use it for storage, seating and sometimes I roll it out to use as a coffee table. Stain it, paint it or keep it 'au natural'.*Project Inspired by Stacy Davis.


Every time I go to my local Goodwill I find something that can be upcycled. Most the time a quirky desk, headboard or table catches my eye. Usually something tattered and abused and I feel like me bringing it home to slick up is rescuing it. Giving it an Afterlife! Well, one fine morning, walking in saying hi to my friends at the counter, the manager said, "Michelle, I have a treat for you!". Moses brought me over to not one, but two BRAND NEW end of the bed benches! With the TAGS! TWO OF THEM! I said, "OH, MY! How am I supposed to upcycle these?" He said "What if your Unicorn stuff could color the fabric?" I hadn't thought about that! I figured what the heck. I'll give it a try! I did and I couldn't be happier or more excited about the results! So today I'm here with step by step instructions with how to SPiT on FABRiC.

Entertainment Center Becomes Mudroom Storage/seating

Our mudroom didn't have any closet space or seating so we started looking around for different types of solutions. I was wondering around a local Habitat Restore and saw an old entertainment center and I immediately saw it as storage and seating. It was in really good shape and initially, I didn't think I'd have to make many updates. After we got it home, I had to trim the top piece to make it fit, and once it was inside, I decided I was going to make a few extra adjustments.

DIY Shiplap-Staircase Organization Bench (VIDEO)

How to build an organization bench with a shiplap wall!