How to Update /Upcycle a Metal Locker

Eric Greaves
by Eric Greaves
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We found a metal locker at a local flea market. Got it for a great price! It had minor cosmetic issues, but was in good shape. We transformed it into a great storage solution for our daughter's room. Enjoy! Check out my Youtube channel for this and more projects!
Found a Metal Locker
We found an old metal locker at a flea market in our area. Got a great deal @ $20.00!
Locker was in pretty good shape
Locker had some minor cosmetic issues and rust, but nothing too serious.

A great find
The locker's dimensions are approximately: 6'6"h X 15"w X 18"D
My tool or choice
There are several ways to remove rust from metal. I decided on using 60 grit sand paper on an orbital sander. I choose this method simply because this is the tool i had on hand and didn't want to have to deal with chemicals or stripping agents.
The whole sanding process took about 30 minutes. 60 grit works great at removing rust and any other imperfections.
More sanding...
What I couldn't hit with the sander I did myself with a piece of sand paper.
Bring on the Paint!
Took it outside and used 4 cans of "grape" spray paint from the big box store. easy! The spray paint we bought did have Primer added to it.
Adding the Bling
My wife hit it with one can of glitter paint.
The color pops!
Let it dry...
Installed and works perfectly!
Super Easy project that has turned into a great storage solution! Our daughter can add magnetic letters, picture frames, or pretty much anything she wants. It has become an art piece as well as a great storage solution.
Full Video Tutorial!

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  • Sus10812243 Sus10812243 on Sep 19, 2017

    Locker is great but what I want to know is where (or how) did you get those wall boxes- and how much weight do you think they hold(books etc)

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Sep 19, 2017

    Looks great! Have you found a way to attach it to the wall so it won't fall onto a child?

  • Jayde Jayde on Sep 19, 2017

    Did u put shelves in it and did you paint the inside? I love the look and color, great jo! I am always on the lookout for lockers but haven't found an.

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  • Doreen Kennedy Doreen Kennedy on Sep 20, 2017

    Your cabinet came out beautiful. I picked up this locker at a thrift store for 10 bucks. I wanted to make my son a cd and video game cabinet. I also had to sand mine and give it a good coat of flat black primer. After the prep work was done the rest was easy. I also painted his locker blue and then added a bunch of shelves made from pieces of scrap wood. In 2007, I sprayed the exterior a new color to match his new bedroom decor. After 17 years, 2 local moves and one cross country move, it still looks and functions great. My son is all grown up now and lives 2000 miles from me, but every time I look at his cabinet, I'm reminded of him and all the fun he had listening to music and playing video games with his friends. I hope your daughter enjoys her cabinet as much as my son did! Thanks for sharing. 😊

  • Mizar Mizar on Sep 21, 2017

    Not a question, but a tip.

    No need for toxic chemicals to remove rust;...just grab a jug of white vinegar or a bottle of CocaCola.

    • Eric Greaves Eric Greaves on Sep 21, 2017
      That's a great tip! I've seen using vinegar as a soaking agent for small metal parts. Seems to work great.