Turning a Portable Hot Tub Into an Elegant Spa That Looks Custom

When building a new pool, these clients wanted a hot tub that would be as elegant as their new pool and patio. However, they wanted the spa to operate separately so they could use it year-round.
After learning of the wonderful hydrotherapy and comfort that comes with portable Bullfrog Spas’ interchangeable spa jets/seats, they asked how we might camouflage one so it would look like it was a custom installation like their other amenities.
Our design called for sinking the portable spa half way into the ground. Using Travertine* and black stone veneer panels, we built a stone wall around it that matched the pool and patio, providing the built-in appearance they hoped for.
The spa was also strategically placed near the back door so that it’s easily accessible all year. This is especially helpful in winter; they are free to enjoy the spa even when the pool is closed.
Custom Hot Tub Installations:
After sinking a portable Bullfrog Spa half way into the ground, we built a stone wall to cover the cabinet that matched the elegance of their patio and pool surround.
Pool and Spa:
For the pool and spa materials, the patio, steps, cap and coping is Travertine; all the vertical surfaces are black veneer panels.
Bullfrog Spa Hot Tub Installation:
Because the clients wanted to use their hot tub all year, we positioned it just steps from the back door for easy and quick access.
Positioning Hot Tubs:
This custom hot tub installation not only matches the elegance of the patio and pool surround, but because it is raised up slightly it offers optimal views of the geometric vinyl pool and waterside vistas when soaking in its healthful waters.
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