Are You Looking for Some Easy Hot Tub-Patio Ideas?

Whatever your tastes, Long Island Hot Tub believes that to create an inviting hot tub-patio area does not need to be very difficult. Of course, one needs to have a patio plus a spa. The simplest spa route is a ‘portable’ hot tub, which requires little set up.
We specialize in Bullfrog Spas, which offer an array of interchangeable “JetPak” jetted seat backs and other special amenities, however, there are a variety of portable spas available, including custom, which we, and others, supply.
1. When buying, replacing, or upgrading your hot tub, choose a hot tub case that blends well with either your home’s architecture, or deck or patio materials.
2. An attractive and simple method for positioning your spa is to place it next to, or against, an existing patio or deck. If you are starting from scratch, and building a new patio or deck, you can get a bit more creative and have the patio custom shaped for nestling the spa into it.
3. Once you have your hot tub and patio, creating an inviting space is a breeze. Extensive product lines exist for patio accessories which should satisfy anyone’s style preference (including Traditional, Transitional and Urban). It is wise to choose furnishings that are of a good quality that will last, but beyond that, the sky’s the limit.
Hot Tub-Deck
This hot tub was added when building a new deck. Notice how the hot tub case is made from the same decking materials for cohesiveness; the homeowners chose a paisley pattern for their chair and sofa cushions, in tones that suggest the color of the deck and house facade. Also, the deck materials echo some of the brick tones of the house.
Hot Tub Patio
These clients chose a dark brown case for their patio-hot tub that hints at the deep hue of their sloping roof. Together, these two dark elements present a dramatic contrast to a light deck and furniture cushion materials. Note how the simple design of the stairs make them stand out visually. None of these were complicated elements, but their combined effect is an enticing and serene space.
Patio Umbrellas
Whether for outdoor dining, sitting, or over a bar, things to look for when choosing umbrellas are: sturdy bases, tough and ample ribs (8), durable non-recycled aluminum frames, manual cranks for easy operation, sturdy lift cords, advanced tilt mechanisms, and mildew resistant canopy.
Outdoor Cushions
When choosing outdoor cushions for patio furniture consider removable ones. These not only give comfortable padding for seating but make it easy and inexpensive to refresh without having to replace them.
Outdoor Pillows
Pillows are the perfect way to bring in pops of color, especially when choosing solid fabrics for your furniture cushions, and are one of the easiest way to brighten an outdoor space. This project is a good example of how bright pillows enliven the harmonious tones of the hot tub case, patio, and solid furniture cushions.
Outdoor Pillows
Outdoor pillows are available in countless styles and colors. Some will find them easy to make on their own, while others will choose to give their furniture a makeover by purchasing them. Either way, consider a UV material that won’t fade quickly, that is also mildew and weather resistant.
Custom Hot Tub-Deck
If you are starting from scratch or simply upgrading an existing deck, this is an ideal time to get your new hot tub. These homeowners wanted a traditional round spa and we designed curves in the deck to complement it. Also note how nicely the hot tub fits into the deck; its case is made of the same decking material.
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