Sort Out Your Drill Bits

by PhilCo
15 Minutes
If like me you find yourself gathering a number of drill bits and the size is wearing off them, then here is an easy tip to sort them out.
I took a piece of 2x4 and ther of 2x2 and cut a row of 1 1/4" holes with a forstner bit. I glued the 2x2 on top of the 2X4, the idea of this is that you can mark the front edge with the drill size, it is easier to see.
I then gathered my tray of old bits, sized them all using my drill/screw sizing gauge, put them in size order, and placed them in the new stand, marking the size in front of each hole.

I no longer have to search through a box of mixed drill bits.
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  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Oct 27, 2017

    Couldn't you also drill a hole in front with bit so you could find the right size you need, I know I hate it when the hole ends up to big or to small?

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  • Z Z on Nov 10, 2015
    Phil, this makes so much more sense than keeping the bits in all those little containers they come in. Invariably the first container you open, the bit you're looking for, will happen to be the only one missing. We keep our bits in drawers, but I think I can make a variation on this idea and have it work too. I'll share it when I get to it.
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    • Valerie Valerie on Nov 12, 2015
      This is a great idea. I have a drawer with masses of drill bits, and never seem to find the one I am looking for. This should sort it out - thanks for sharing.
  • SawHorse Design Build SawHorse Design Build on Apr 19, 2020

    Thanks for sharing- now I know what I am going to do next in my shop.