1. Conceal Storage Under a Hallway Bench

Hometalker Heather Brown came across an old church pew at a yard sale and realized it could be the perfect bench for her hallway. Not only that, it was the ideal size for two small shoe racks to slide in underneath, making it a great addition which provides storage for everything from water shoes and flip flops to walking boots and trainers. Get tutorial here

2. Use Pallet Wood for Custom-Built Storage

Many people only have a tiny amount of space to play with in their hallways, so small entryway shoe storage ideas can always be useful. Here, Hometalker Jeanie painted pallet wood in her chosen style and attached it to a bench frame she made herself. With space for a basket underneath, the furniture is a perfect fit for her home. Get tutorial here

3. Transform an IKEA TV Unit into a Bench

Tired of her boys leaving their coats and bags in the kitchen every day, Hometalker Kristen created her own mudroom area in the hallway by using a TV unit, two shelves and some brackets from IKEA. The unit’s legs were trimmed to make it shorter in height, while the space underneath means it works perfectly as an entryway bench with shoe storage. Get tutorial here

4. Tailor IKEA Furniture to Your Own Needs

IKEA furniture like the Hemnes shoe cabinet may be perfectly functional entryway shoe storage, but what happens when your little ones break the lower drawer during the search for missing footwear? Hometalker Kate tackled this issue by creating a new one from scrap with a minor but important design twist – it cleverly pulls out rather than tilting open. Get tutorial here

5. Turn a Shipping Crate into Shoe Storage

Another small entryway shoe storage cabinet project, Hometalker Julie wanted a solution to the explosion of shoes which occurred often in her living room. She found someone online who was looking to sell a shipping crate that was the perfect width for the shoe storage she wanted and the rest is history. The finished item really is impressive. Get tutorial here

6. Embrace a More Modular Style

This project features another impressive idea for entryway shoe storage, with Hometalker Shannon creating stylish modular cubbies and then attaching them to studs. The finished article has space for hanging coats, storing bags, and floor space for shoes, while a plug socket was also added so that a boot drier could easily be used too. Get tutorial here

7. Create an Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage

This project offers great ideas and inspiration if you’re seeking a new way to get more out of an in-built coat closet. Hometalker Elizabeth added a bench to the space and left ample room underneath for wooden crates to be used for shoe storage. She then updated the boxes with a favorite stain which helped to bring the space to life. Get tutorial here

8. Create a Movable Shoe Storage Solution

This clever project may come in handy if you’re seeking small entryway shoe storage ideas but have to take into account other issues like the presence of half-doors for access to a crawl space or basement. These Hometalkers created movable shelves that sit perfectly in front of the door but can then be moved if access is required. Simple. Get tutorial here

9. Breathe New Life into Old Furniture

When Hometalker Jeremy moved house, he realized he had a few spare pieces of furniture. However, rather than sell them, he tried to make use of each item in new ways. This project showcases how he redesigned an old dresser into a fully functional entryway bench with shoe storage and it is undoubtedly an impressive transformation. Get tutorial here

10. Work Around Potential Obstacles

This project offers a bit of inspiration if you need small entryway shoe storage to fit around existing items. Hometalker Theresa wanted to add a bit of style to her mudroom and rather than removing a dryer which needed to be in the room, she worked around it by adding two cubby systems either side. The finished space looks perfect. Get tutorial here

11. Make Locker-Style Units with Storage Boxes

This is another great example of a Hometalker transforming a neglected mudroom space with ideas that would be ideal for entryway shoe storage. Andrea created locker-style units complete with coat hooks and a bench for putting on footwear. She then added rolling crates for shoe storage and ensured they slid under the finished units perfectly. Get tutorial here

12. Create Shoe Storage with Milk Crates

The humble milk crate can be a handy multipurpose solution to many problems and one of our Hometalk Highlights articles put a spotlight on a great way that Hometalker Laci Jane made use of them. She configured the crates to suit her needs, ziptied them together and added a piece of wood to the top to create an entryway shoe storage cabinet. Get tutorial here

13. Use Pallets to Build an Entryway Bench

Like milk crates, pallets can be the answer to a host of home improvement issues and this project highlights how they can be used to make a stylish-looking entryway bench with shoe storage. Hometalker PaintyCloud created the desired shape out of pallets, painted it and then added a soft covering to the top. A simple but effective idea. Get tutorial here

14. Keep Your Storage Simple and Stylish

This project might provide some inspiration if you’re looking for small entryway shoe storage ideas with plenty of style. Hometalker Well Done Tips created a box out of pallet wood, stained it and filled it with a number of decorative river stones. The shoes then sit on the top for a simple but striking storage solution.  Get tutorial here

15. Transform an Existing Cabinet or Counter

Another small entryway shoe storage idea, this project emerged as Hometalker Stephanie attempted to make a mudroom in a four-foot space. The solution was to cut an existing cabinet in half to form a bench, before then adding wood storage boxes for shoes underneath. This is a great idea which shows how creative you can be with existing units. Get tutorial here

16. Reconfigure Some Existing Shelves

Hometalker My Sweet Cottage wanted shoe storage which would fit neatly next to her back door, so she transformed a basic plywood shelving unit. A project which would also work as an entryway shoe storage cabinet, she added a wood top for extra style and angled the shelves at 30 degrees to prevent them from blocking the door from opening. Get tutorial here

17. Make Simple Changes to Your Storage

An easy way to make stylish entryway shoe storage is simply by giving existing items a new lease of life. In this project, Hometalker Petro took two old black boot trays, painted them, and then added some decorative pebbles. She was then also able to add an existing wire framed rack on top to create extra storage and cut clutter. Get tutorial here

18. Add Shoe Storage to Your Wall

A good option for getting around limited space in an entryway may be to consider adding your shoe storage to the wall. This Hometalker installed primed molding to spare wall space and then hung pairs of heels off them. She also used vinyl dots to cover any stapling and this has created a stylish and effective shoe storage solution. Get tutorial here