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Leah Taylor "Dream in Color"
by Leah Taylor "Dream in Color"
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I purchased this vintage English Barley Twist side table used for $25. My huge appreciation for Mackenzie Childs products does not line up with my budget. $2000+ was too much to spend, so I created my own piece
Gently cleaned the piece, chose my colors carefully , began painting and taping and again painting and taping. Not too much paint was needed. After table was completely dry, I proceeded with the wax treatment. Then the smoothness sunk in, and I was now ready to apply my decorative hardware!
Taping off the squares.....tedious
With each step I had to carefully apply tape to pre-measured lines, wait till fully dry, and then ever sogentlyremove the strands of tape.
Suggested materials:
  • LOTS of patience
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