Step 1: Measure and cut your plank of wood

Measure your plank of wood to the length of your window, then cut off the ends. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Measure the polyester batting

Use two thicknesses of polyester batting, with extra 3” of batting on either side of the wood. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Draw a glue pattern on curtains

Draw the pattern of your choice onto the curtains with a gel glue and allow to dry. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Soak the curtains in the bucket

Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes stirring every once in a while. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Add soda ash to the mix

Allow the entire curtain to sit in the bath for 20 minutes making sure to stir it every 5-10 minutes. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Add more dye for an ombre effect

Place the lower portion of your curtain back in the bath so it soaks in the color and gets darker. Get tutorial here

Step 8: Rinse curtain until water is clear

Soak the fabric for 5-10 minutes in a soap bath. Then rinse it again and let it hang dry. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Cut out shapes from the contact paper

Decide on a shape or pattern you'd like to create for your frosted glass pieces, and cut them out. Get tutorial here