Prepping Dowel Rods for Stain....YES, Stain.

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If you DIY or refinish, I don't have to tell you, dowel rods are a pain in the aaoogaah! So, most just paint them to avoid the hassle....but what if you wanted to stain them? Use this easy tip for a more efficient and, dare I say, fun way to strip dowels!
Daunting, isn't it? I know, I felt the same way. I thought to myself several times, maybe I should just paint them....but, I just can't. I prepared myself for the long road ahead of sandpaper sequences. A friend, gave me a valid suggestion to use on this rack and I'm so glad he did!
All of the work up to the point I needed to start on the dowel rods had been 60 grit sandpaper. i posted this very picture and my buddy says, "have you tried a card scraper on your rack?" I said no, but only because I didn't have one. I attempted to make my own out of a pop can, however, soda can material is much too thin. I popped over to Amazon and ordered a lovely set of three! Oh how I love Amazon prime!
I saw that this particular package had a goosekneck cardscraper, though at the time, I was only looking for a rectangular version. As soon as I saw the hooked portion on that scraper, I knew it would be perfect for the dowels!
The top row of dowels in this phot were stripped with the goosekneck card scraper.

If you're interested in watching a short video on how I use this tool, click the link below!
Suggested materials:
  • Card scraper, gooseneck   (Amazon)
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