New Carport and Porch Adds Curb Appeal to a 80's Brick Ranch

by Suzanne
We built this house in 1989. Since then we have put vinyl on the wood trim and changed the shutters from wood to vinyl. Over the years, the trees and shrubs started to hide the house. We went all these years without something to park ours cars under so we decided it was time. We hired an architect to draw the plans and a builder to oversee the work.
The first thing we did was clear the overgrown shrubs and cut down many trees around the house.
Then the construction began! They framed the new front porch and the carport. We did the front porch to coordinate and tie in to the carport so it wouldn't look so much like an add on.
Then the shingles and the columns went up. It was very hard to match the shingle color because ours was older and dirty so we did the best we could. The brick is not the same either but I think that they did a great job matching that too. I can't tell the difference.
Once it was completed, we started to put the yard back togther.
We love it. Finally I can get out of the car in the rain and not get wet! I think the house looks a lot better too!
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