Cheap Spooky Decor Halloween Body Bag-Upcycle "Jersey Girl Knows Best"

4 Materials
10 Minutes

10 minute Spooky Decor Halloween Body Bag! This is a great project to do with your kids, but with adult supervision😉


Small and large shopping bags (a lot of them!)

2 Contractor bags

Clear packing tape

Duct tape

🎃👻Have a safe and spooky Halloween 🎃👻

Start by stuffing 2 small shopping bags and 2 larger shopping bags with bags.

Once filled, put the small filled bag and the other two larger filled bags into the contractor bag. Fold over the extra unfilled part of the contractor bag and attach that folded portion with clear packing tape.

Take the second contractor bag while it is still folded right out of the box and place it perpendicular to the other contractor bag. This will be the bottom leg portion of the body bag.

Doing this tape portion can be a little tricky and sticky 😉 Just keep at it!

Attach the second contractor bag to the other contractor bag with clear packing tape.

Once you have one very large filled black bag, start tapping three sections with silver duct tape. The portions will be for the top head portion, torso portion and bottom leg portion.

Here is the finished product. If you are looking for a stiffer result you can use soda bottles, water bottles and milk cartons. I had so many bags piling up I wanted to reuse them some how ♻️

I put this creepy body bag on my porch like a “person” watching the tricker treaters coming up to our front door! Because I filled this with plastic bags instead of milk or soda bottles, it can be squished down and easily put away in a tote for each Halloween to come! Keep it Spooky!🎃 👻

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I rebranded to Jersey Girl Knows Best!

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Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Shopping bags   (From the supermarket or store!)
  • Contractor bag   (Walmart)
  • Clear packing tape   (Walmart)
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  • Jacquelyn Perry Jacquelyn Perry on Sep 28, 2023

    Thank goodness I FINALLY found a use for my plethora of plastic bags of all sizes. My kids always ask what I'm saving them for. BINGO! Brilliant idea w/a slight touch of creepy. I like th way u think.