Or add wooden bowls to them for planters

Cut wood bowls in half and attach them to a vintage cutting board then adhere it to the wall. Get tutorial here

Turn them into spinning kitchen dividers

Cut a pine board with slots for plastic cutting boards and fit onto a lazy Suzanne for under cabinet storage. Get tutorial here

Repurpose them into Ipad stands

Stain, seal and paint a vintage cutting board and add a bent piece of a metal dish rack as its base. Perfect to use when cooking. Get tutorial here

Polish them into pretty rustic trays

Turn a thrift store find into a gorgeous piece of rustic utility. Give it two coats of stain, a sealant, then add metal handles. Get tutorial here

Assemble them into funky side tables

Hack your Ikea Frosta stool by adding a cutting board to the top to get your very own gorgeous minimalist side table. Get tutorial here

Redo them as coffee mug holders

Upcycle a vintage cutting board into a coffee station. Stain it, stencil it and hang it up with additional hooks for your mugs. Get tutorial here

Remake them as rustic clipboards

Add a rustic touch to your office by staining a vintage cutting board, grabbing clipboard clips from a craft store and gluing it. So chic. Get tutorial here

Revamp them as herb gardens

Paint over a thrift store cutting board, add a tin can, a tag & swap the decor for herbs. Get tutorial here

Reimagine them as hanging jewelry organizers

Grab an vintage wood cutting board with a handle and paint over it. Seal it then add nails as hanging devices. Cute! Get tutorial here

Spruce them up as a seasonal tray

Stain them and add wooden dowels to them to get a rustic fall tray for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Model them into a vintage pedestal

Copy a Pottery Barn pedestal by adding stool legs to a vintage cutting board and using to prop up milk, coffee, or sugar jugs. Get tutorial here

Gift them as a Tic Tac Toe game

Grab a vintage cutting board and paint it over as a Tic Tac Toe game. Mark it off with washi tape & paint with chalk paint. Get tutorial here