1. An Enchanting Ghosts or Lollipops Project

Prepare to dazzle your neighbors with Amanda's marvelous project centered around spooky ghosts and delightful lollipops!

Her clever concept revolves around transforming plastic pumpkin pails and PVC pipes into charming ghost or lollipop decorations. The straightforward instructions make it a breeze to follow, and the materials won't break the bank.

In just an hour, you'll turn your yard into a magical holiday haven that's sure to leave your guests in awe. Get tutorial here

2. This Delightful Halloween Gnome!

Impress your neighbors with a charming Tomato Cage Halloween Gnome project by Kelly-n-Tony!

Using basic materials like a tomato cage, tablecloth, wizard hat, and a potato for the nose, you can create a delightful porch decoration. It's quick, taking just 30 minutes and costing around $5. Simple steps like zip tying, draping, and attaching create a whimsical wizard gnome perfect for Halloween. Add a sparkly spider for extra flair.

This budget-friendly and easy project will make your neighbors smile and your porch stand out! Get tutorial here

3. The Cutest Jack O' Lanterns Ever

Join @JagCagDesign for a delightful DIY project that celebrates the spirit of Halloween and fall. Using just 5 affordable materials and investing 3 hours of your time, you can transform ordinary faux pumpkins into rustic junk jack-o lanterns.

The secret ingredient? Sugru, a versatile moldable glue that makes attaching a creative assortment of 'junk' items a breeze. From old drawer pulls to salvaged metal stars, let your imagination run wild!

This project isn't just about crafting; it's about spreading joy and uniqueness this Halloween season. So, grab your pumpkins, gather your materials, and let your creativity shine. Your porch will proudly display the most enchanting and whimsical Jacks on the block! Get tutorial here

4. Their Charming Witch Hat Door Hanger

Discover the creative magic of Rob & Courtney M as they guide you through making a charming Witch's Hat Door Hanger.

With easy-to-follow steps, you'll arrange artificial flowers, add feathered elegance, and even some glittery spiders for a touch of whimsy. This delightful DIY project brings the Halloween spirit to your doorstep, infusing your neighborhood with a festive and welcoming vibe.

Join us in crafting a unique door hanger that's sure to enchant all who cross its path! Get tutorial here

5. These Adorable Wood Candy Corn Ornaments

Accompany Lauren on her charming crafting adventure as she captures the essence of autumn and Halloween with her delightful wooden candy corn decoration project.

With just a handful of materials and a pocket-friendly $5 budget, you'll quickly bring these adorable candy corn decorations to life in just 30 minutes.

So, grab your woodworking tools, and while sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte, enjoy the simple pleasure of making your space cozy and inviting for the magical season ahead! Get tutorial here

6. Her Jolly Scrap Wood Jack-O-Lanterns

Embrace your inner artist and follow along with this DIY from Build It Thrifty. Ingeniously transforms scrap wood into adorable jack-o'-lantern decorations, perfect for adding a festive spirit to your home.

Her step-by-step approach and resourceful tips make this a perfect opportunity to create personalized Halloween décor that's both eco-friendly and budget-conscious. Get tutorial here

7. A Whimsical Witch Display

In this fun project, Lovesunique has brilliantly crafted a quirky witch decoration that's sure to add a touch of magic to your space.
By repurposing an old broom handle, pool noodles, and socks, she ingeniously brought her idea to life. The result? A delightful and amusing witch who seems to have taken an accidental tumble into a planter. Plus, the updates and creative touches, like black cats, sunflowers, and even red shoes, take this display to a whole new level.
With just a few materials costing under $10 and an hour of your time, you can easily recreate this charming piece. Get tutorial here

8. This Fun, Fast and Easy Solar Halloween Ghost

Elevate your Halloween decor with the delightful Halloween Ghost project by Teri. This charming DIY creation adds a touch of magic to your seasonal setup.
Using just a tomato cage, rope solar lights, a sheet, and a clear object for the ghost's head you can craft this friendly apparition. Securing the tomato cage in the ground so it wobbles gently in the breeze, allows your ghost to dance along with the wind.
Your neighbors will be impressed by your ingenuity and the playful spirit you bring to the neighborhood. Get tutorial here

9. Their Topsy-Turvy DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Rob & Courtney M share another inspiring project. This Pumpkin Topiary brings a touch of enchantment to your doorstep. Follow their friendly steps to carve, drill, and plant your way to a stunning Halloween and Fall display.

With plastic pumpkins, PVC pipes, and a dash of creativity, you can create your own masterpiece. Their encouraging guide is perfect for both beginners and craft enthusiasts.  Get tutorial here

10. Her Spellbinding Giant Witch Hat

Unleash your inner decorator and bring a magical touch to your yard this Halloween.

This project guides you through crafting a larger-than-life witch hat that's sure to enchant your neighborhood.

With Megan's guidance, turning your lawn into a bewitching masterpiece becomes a delightful adventure. Let this project inspire you to make your outdoor space come alive with festive magic, proving that DIY decorations can be both easy and thrilling! Get tutorial here

11. A Jack Skellington Luminary

With Halloween spirit in the air, Mary embarked on a delightful crafting adventure ingeniously transforming a plain popcorn box into a captivating luminary masterpiece.
By painting, cutting, and crafting, she brought Jack Skellington's iconic face to life, complete with a playful bow tie and a spooky spider brad. With a flameless candle inside, this luminary radiates a warm welcome to Trick-or-Treaters from her porch.
Mary's project showcases how a touch of creativity can turn everyday items into enchanting seasonal decorations that will delight your neighbors and add a festive flair to your Halloween celebrations. Get tutorial here