The Witch Is In. Make An Adorable Witch Hat Wreath In 30 Minutes.

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30 Minutes

Make you front door ready for the Halloween season with this simple and festive witch hat wreath with dangling legs. The kids will love it.

Lay out your supplies so you can see what you have. Supplies and location of purchase is located in the post.

Gently, begin to bend the tinsel wreath into the shape of a witch hat. Take your time with this part. If you try to put too much force bending the frame, you may snap the frame. This is the hardest part of the process but if you take your time, you will create a perfect witch hat.

Squeeze the top together to make the top of the hat.

Flatten the bottom of the wreath to create the brim of the hat. then begin to move the tinsels toward the center of the wreath to hide the open space.

Your wreath should now look like a witch hat. If you are not happy with the shape, continue to bend and manipulate the wreath until you obtain the desired form.

Next it is time to attach the legs to the wreath. Using bendable legs is perfect for this project. Go about 1/4 from the top of the leg and bend it around the bottom of the witch hat and squeeze snuggly.

This is the back of the witch hat. You can see how the leg is wrapped around the brim of the hat.

Now it is time to cut the deco mesh. I used 10" deco mesh in this project but small mesh, such as the 5.5" mesh will look nicely as well. Cut about 8" sections. I cute 7 pieces of the 10" mesh.

Pinch the mesh in the middle to create a nice gathering of the mesh.

You will now add the mesh in between 2 of the tinsel ties and twist the tinsel around the mesh like a bread twist. Repeat this step going across the brim of the hat until the bottom of the brim is nicely covered.

As you can see in this picture, I left about 1/4" of the mesh at the top of the brim and the bottom 3/4" is sticking out the bottom of the brim resembling a skirt.

Cut 3 strips of each ribbon about 24" long. We will be attaching the ribbon on top of the deco mesh.

You will make a simple bow tie for each ribbon.

Add the ribbon in the tinsel as described above. You can attach the ribbon directly into the ties used to hold the deco mesh but you can also use empty spaces. You will be stacking the bows on top of each other alternating the different ribbon. This is going to make your skirt look beautiful and full.

Repeat stacking the ribbon across the brim of the hat until the bottom of the wreath is full. You can always add more ribbon if you would like.

You now have a gorgeous witch hat wreath with skirt and legs. This is a simple project that will make your front door ready for Halloween and all the trick or treaters.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tinsel Wreath Form   (AC Moore/Amazon)
  • Bendable Witch Legs   (AC Moore/Amazon)
  • 10" Deco Mesh   (Craft Outlet/Amazon)
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