13 Non-Candy Easter Egg Ideas for This Year’s Egg Hunt

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By Nicole Kinning

Easter morning often goes hand-in-hand with candy. Little ones eagerly hunt colorful plastic eggs, which are typically stuffed with all sorts of sweets like chocolate creme eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow bunnies.

But maybe this year, you want to stay away from filling your family’s Easter eggs with candy treats—or at least scale back on the sweets. Or perhaps you’re trying to save time. One huge (and sometimes tedious) task of hosting an Easter egg hunt and making Easter baskets is filling up the plastic eggs one by one and snapping them closed.

Whatever your reason for going sweets-free this year, these non-candy Easter egg options take the hassle out of the need to buy candy and toys to stuff inside the eggs because they all either come pre-filled or the eggs are toys in and of themselves. Here are the best non-candy easter egg ideas to bring to your family gathering this year.

Prextex My First Find and Match Easter Matching Eggs

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 18 months and older Storage: Comes with a latchable carton

Kiddos will love Prextex’s My First Find and Match Easter Matching Eggs. Each of the 12 white eggs has a colorful interior embossed with different shapes and colors, so little ones can practice hand dexterity and shape and color recognition by matching the egg halves together. The eggs even come with a bright yellow latchable plastic carton for easy storage once they’re collected after the Easter egg hunt.

Ivy Step Dinosaur Toy Eggs

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: Comes with a latchable carton

Opt for something different than traditional colorful plastic Easter eggs. Each of Ivy Step’s Dinosaur Toy Eggs are replicated to look and feel like a real dinosaur egg. When the eggs are cracked open, each one has a different interior color and are numbered 1-12. That way, little minds and fingers can recognize matching colors and numbers and snap the egg halves together. This Ivy Step Easter egg set also comes with a gold tray for safe and tidy egg-storing when playtime is over.

Prextex Easter Eggs Filled with Pull-Back Construction Vehicles

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: 3-inch snap-close plastic eggs

Whether you’re plotting them around your yard for the Easter egg hunt you’re hosting or need a quick Easter Bunny basket filler, Prextex’s Construction Vehicle Toy-Filled Easter Eggs are sure to get little ones excited—so much so that they won’t even miss the jelly beans and chocolate. The trucks that come inside these eggs aren’t your typical Hot Wheels; they have a pull-back mechanism, which when triggered, makes the trucks race forward on a flat surface. The eggs are three inches tall, so the trucks can be stored in them after cleanup or the eggs can be recycled and stuffed with a different surprise next year.

Ivy Step Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kits

Another dinosaur-themed non-candy egg idea, this Ivy Step Dinosaur Dig Kit makes anyone feel like a paleontologist. The complete kit comes with a dozen dino eggs, informational cards, and tools like chisels, a magnifying glass, and a torch to excavate the dinosaur toy-filled eggs. Not only are these dinosaur eggs a great alternative to Easter eggs filled with sugary treats, but the process of chiseling open each egg will help children with their fine motor skills, logical thinking skills, and hand-eye coordination—and parents will have just as much fun helping kids dig out the dinosaur toys and match each dinosaur its species flashcard.

Prextex Maracas Egg Shakers Musical Percussion Toy

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: Comes with latchable carton

Little ones without teeth obviously can’t have candy, and the Prextex Egg Shakers are a superb alternative to candy fillings or small toys that are potential choking hazards. All 12 eggs in this pack double as maracas, aiding children with their fine motor skills and auditory development. And when music time is over, the percussion eggs can neatly be set back in a latchable blue carton and stowed away in a closet or on a shelf.

White Squishy Easter Eggs

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: None

Get into the DIY spirit with these Easter eggs. This set comes with 12 white eggs, which are squishy like stress balls, and can be colored on with the set’s included markers. Use these eggs in Easter baskets or hide them around the house for an Easter egg hunt. And trust us when we say that you’ll probably want to keep a few on your desk to personalize and fidget with during long conference calls.

Prextex Jumbo Easter Eggs Filled with DIY Monster Trucks

Egg Count: 8 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: 4-inch snap-close plastic eggs

There’s something about monster trucks that just gets kiddos so stoked, right? Well in this eight-pack of non-candy Easter eggs, each plastic egg comes filled with different-colored monster trucks. The trucks’ wheels detach so that each toy can fit snugly back into the eggs they came in and then plopped in a basket for storage. Or, reuse the eggs (they’re pretty big at four inches tall!) for another Easter purpose if you so choose.

Push-Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Egg Count: 16 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: 2.3-inch snap-close plastic eggs

You know those bubble fidget toys that virtually every kid across America has in different shapes and colors? They now come in Easter eggs, too! Kids will be so excited to pop open one of these eggs on Easter morning to find a colorful mini push-pop silicone toy. This set comes with 16 filled eggs and the sensory toys are said to help relieve stress and anxiety and help children focus.

Prextex Slime-Filled Easter Eggs

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 5 years and older Storage: Comes with a latchable carton

Stretchy, slimy, and fun to play with, slime is always a hit with kiddos, so why feature it into Easter baskets? Each egg in this dozen-pack has a scoop of sparkly slime inside in colors like red, purple, blue, and yellow. The set also comes with a latchable carton, vials of colorful beads to fold into the slime, and straws to blow up the slime with. Just be sure to make sure the slime stays on a table and away from carpets and rugs; you’ll save yourself a future headache.

JOYIN 24 PCs Pre-Filled Easter Eggs with Bubble Wands

Egg Count: 24 Ages: 3 months and older Storage: 3.15-inch snap-close plastic eggs

We can guarantee one thing: Every child loves bubbles. Heck, every adult loves bubbles. That’s why these no-candy Easter eggs are a universal crowd-pleaser for this year’s Easter egg hunt. Each egg in the 24-pack comes with a container of bubble solution with a wand top for endless entertainment. You can also rest easy knowing that the bubble solution meets the U.S. Toy Standard and is safe when it comes in contact with kids’ skin.

Prextex Toy Filled Easter Eggs Filled with Mini Pull-n-Go Easter Bunnies

Egg Count: 6 Ages: 3 years and older Storage: 3-inch snap-close plastic eggs

Fully commit to a bunny theme with the Pretex easter eggs filled with Easter bunnies on wheels. Each of these eggs has a pull-and-go bunny car, which kids will love setting off to zoom around the house. The pack comes with six colorful snap-close eggs with their own bunny car each. The eggs can be saved and reused for next year’s Easter egg hunt or used to store the bunny cars away.

JOYIN Pre-Filled Easter Eggs with Necklaces and Bracelets

Egg Count: 12 Ages: 12 years and older Storage: 5-inch snap-close plastic eggs

Opt for a wearable Easter egg filling with the Joyin bracelet and necklace pre-filled Easter eggs. There are three options of jewelry themes available—candy, flower, or unicorn—and each piece of jewelry is made up of faux pearls and pastel-colored beads. The bracelets and necklaces are cute, plenty sturdy, and a great addition to the dress-up bin.

Pre-Filled Easter Eggs with Hair Bows and Grosgrain Ribbon

Egg Count: 12 Ages: Age recommendation not listed Storage: 2.5-inch snap-close plastic eggs

An Easter egg filled with a cute accessory that can be worn again and again? Jackpot! These pre-filled Easter eggs come filled with colorful bows with a barrette attached to the back for easily clipping onto tiny ponytails. The bow patterns in the egg set you order may vary, but cute prints include unicorns, flowers, rainbows, and even a bow dappled in sequins.

More Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

If you’ve already got a bucket full of plastic eggs to fill (or want to buy your own to fill) but are still trying to ditch the chocolate and gummies this year, take some of these candy-free ideas for Easter egg hunt fillers:

  • Coins
  • Stickers
  • Bouncy balls
  • Erasers
  • Stamps
  • Keychains
  • Lip balm
  • Stickers
  • Finger puppets
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stick-on earrings
  • Marbles
  • Shoelaces
  • Non-candy food (cereal, crackers, trail mix, etc.)

Have you swapped out candy for something else in your Easter eggs before? Let us know your non-candy Easter egg ideas in the comments below!

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