DIY Living Room Chair Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to living room chairs. What style is right for your space? Which fabric will make your room pop? Hometalk can help you make the right choices for your living room. Check out our top, best, and newest projects. Take a moment to watch an instructional video or browse a slideshow. Happy furnishing!

Choosing Chairs
Establish a budget
Determine the budget you have to work with. This helps to narrow your search.
Measure your space
Plan out where the chairs will be placed and measure the space to be sure they will fit. Tape off the space as a visual guide.
Choose the right fabric
What will you be using the chair for? If you have kids or pets, go with family-friendly and easy-to-clean fabrics like vinyl.
Pick the right color
Use a color wheel or chart to decide on complementary colors for a themed look or make a statement with contrasting colors.
Educate yourself
Before buying chairs, read as much as you can about the different styles, as there are plenty to choose from.
Top Projects for Living Room Chairs

Our top DIY living room chair projects to give ideas for your living room.

Living Room Chair Videos

Peruse our collection of DIY video tutorials on living room chairs.

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