70's Set to Outdoor Beauty!

by Amber
I purchased a 70's velour couch, table and chair set, and re-painted, and upholstered everything to make a very heavy, sturdy, comfortable sitting area for my back deck.
Furniture as purchased
Painted and Upolstered!
So comfy...
New and Fresh!
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  • Mikkala Mikkala on Jun 19, 2020

    I have a chair that is almost identical to your set the sides are different and the print on cushions are a little different. Do you know if they are worth anything your the first person I've seen with one close to mine

  • Thalisa Thalisa on Sep 11, 2020

    Are the cushions slip coverd ? Luv this idea for an set something similar but the cushions are too warned out, belonged to my mom just can’t let go, So this gives me hope

  • Cha97929928 Cha97929928 on Jan 28, 2024

    I have a set I thought it might be older 30s ?

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  • Stacie M Anderson Stacie M Anderson on Aug 20, 2020

    This idea came to me months ago while I was thinking about my grandparents & the set of wood furniture they had in their downstairs family-room! I've been patiently hoping to see one of these sets for sale at some point 😊. Cool to see someone else had the same idea! Love it! I'd really like to know how this person reupholstered the cushions (with outdoor safe fabric of course). I've never recovered cushions like these before...any hints, shortcuts, etc would be appreciated 😊

    • Jan32038057 Jan32038057 on Jul 04, 2023

      Look on YouTube, there are a ton of videos on recovering cushions etc.

  • Shelley Smith Shelley Smith on May 25, 2023

    I have this set. I'm absolutely gonna do this! What paint and cushion covers need to used?

    I'm putting it in my deck which is exposed to the elements.