Garden Stone Statue Come to Life With the Help of Unicorn Spit!

Betty Jason Kirklin
by Betty Jason Kirklin
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I have been using Unicorn Spit for many artsy and crafty projects lately. In fact, I had recently gave a family member a gift of Unicorn Spit stained glass. She loved it so much she took me out to the garage and dug into the back under a sheet where this cement statue sat on a table. It was natural untreated cement. Her sister in law tried to paint the eyes and it made it creepy looking. I offered to "fix it" for the price of materials. So later that afternoon they show up with this 200 lb statue to unload. Yikes! Here is where the fun begins!
Creepy eye statue...
We unloaded her onto an old school desk that was very sturdy. I first had to get rid of the creepy eyes a family member tried to paint on. (Guess not everyone can "see" the end product). Haha. I actually used a razor blade to scrape the paint off for a fresh canvas.
I determined this was a little girl and her puppy. So colors are always a treat to pick. With Unicorn Spit, the colors are endless. I was worried about running out of a mixed color since the stone was so porus (absorbed paint and water quickly). I decided not to mix colors and use them straight...except for the skintone. With a gray base of cement it changes the tones quickly. Don't be afraid. Go with it! Let the Spit be with you! And that's what I did. I diluted the Unicorn Spit to about 50% since it absorbed quickly.
Painted and ready for clear!
The skintone I used the new Rustic Reality, White Ning, and a drop of Pixie Punk Pink (color of her shirt). When I started applying it looked super grey. So I added in a little Lemon Kiss. Now on my paint pallette this looked really yellow. But on the grey concrete it turned to peachy pink skintone color. (Thanks to the help of some Unicorn Spit friends on their Q&A Facebook page). I finished her eyes, lips and even painted her nails. Now to dry... over nite should do it!
Done and back at her home to cure for a week.
She took two entire spray cans of spar urethane outdoor. The first coat soaked right in. We returned her home, with the dolly she was on originally, to cure indoors for a week. This is a hardening process that really gives good durability. As you can see, this will be proudly displayed in her garden now instead of hiding in the garage. Unicorn Spit can truly bring life back to anything!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit   (
  • Spar Urethane   (Lowes, Menards, Home Depot)
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  • Mac33205063 Mac33205063 on Sep 27, 2019

    what do you use to shine the Eyes of glassy looking eyes( on a big frog), since they got so foggy looking?

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