Upcycle a blanket rack into a vegetable stand

What can be more farm like than displaying your fresh fruits and veggies? Get tutorial here

Create a sliding barn door for your pantry

This totally adds that farm feel, and it makes your pantry look cool.

Add a wooden bench at your table

If this seating style doesn’t say farmhouse, I don’t know what does. Get tutorial here

Display your utensils with a farmhouse frame

A little piece of canvas is a great background for your colorful utensils. Get tutorial here

Build your own wooden island

The open shelf underneath is perfect for your big pots and pans. Get tutorial here

Build your own cow tablet stand

We promise you’ll love this fun way to hold your tablet and display your online recipes. Get tutorial here

Instal open shelving to display your spices

The dark wood finish makes it all the more rustic. Get tutorial here

Use a curtain instead of cabinet doors

We love how this blogger hid her trash cans with some farm fresh flair. Get tutorial here

Instal a mason jar light fixture

You combine industrial and farmhouse with this awesome light fixture. Get tutorial here

Add a stenciled wooden shelf for extra room

Not only is it so chic, it also makes room for your planner and anything else on your counter. Get tutorial here

Frame some tea towel art

This adds that perfect touch to your farmhouse kitchen. Get tutorial here