Simple Weather Guard

by Mazzey
3 Materials
20 Minutes
Rain filled days are forcast for Indiana in the days ahead. Those poor little
hummers will be dodging raindrops and down pours trying to get to
the feeders.
I checked out weather guards online...and they are unbelieveably pricey!
Some going for as much as $40 a piece!
Why pay those prices when I can just as easily make my own...with drip trays!
Plastic drip tray for flowers
I brought the trays at the Dollar store 3 for $1.00

I used 8" and 10"..both sizes work just fine to cover feeders.
Outdoor enamel spray paint
1. Sprayed the bottom ( which is the top when it's over the feeder ) of the drip trays with bright red outdoor enamel spray paint.

No need to spray both sides..

Or.....get out your paints out and decorate the guards with pretty flowers hummingbirds like .... skys the limit on that...and a good way to show off your creative side.

2. let it dry...

3. I cut a hole in the center with scissors just big enough to fit the

feeder's hanger through.

4.. Easy..peasy..ready to protect the feeder from the elements.
Instant weather guard
Now....there are more opportunities to get some nice pictures

of the little hummers because they stay longer at my feeders

rain or shine.

Mama hummers are busy caring for their babies right now...and just might appreciative the convenience of added weather guards while they are rushing back and forth to their nests.

I've found that the Hummingbird nectar thats covered from the sun doesn't spoil quite as quickly...but the true bonus is...

that bright red helps to pull the hummers down out of the sky to investigate those big round "flowers"!

Love those hummers!!!
Suggested materials:
  • 8" plastic drip tray for flower pots   (Dollar store)
  • Red, outdoor enamel spray paint   (Dollar store)
  • Scissors   (Had them for crafts)
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4 of 10 comments
  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jun 07, 2016
    Great idea!
    • Mazzey Mazzey on Jun 07, 2016
      Thank you Cori! Just looking out for our beautiful hummers!
  • Carol Arthur Carol Arthur on Jun 05, 2018

    Mazzey, I am so grateful for this simple, inexpensive idea. I live in FL where it pretty much rains every afternoon in summer. I have been shopping and searching for days for a rain guard for my birdfeeders, since I am tired of throwing away wet, moldy, sprouted seed (which can harm birds!) Can't wait to make this happen!

    • Mazzey Mazzey on Jun 11, 2018

      Hi Carol,

      I'm so glad this idea will work for you. Plus its not gonna drain your funds

      like it would buying one of those pricey rain guards.

      Another idea... my sister lives in an apartment..with few plants

      but lots of frisbees for her dogs to chew on lol. Anyway, I helped

      her pick out some decent ones ( they were already painting needed)

      made holes in the centers...perfect covers for the feeders on her balcony.

      Plus they have led lights on them...helps guide the hummers to them at dusk..

      and gives extra lighting for her family when they'er outside after dark.

      Enjoy your Hummers!