These pretty tissue paper flowers

Fold brightly colored tissue paper accordion-style, and then twist pipe cleaners around the middle of the folded papers before opening them up to create beautiful flowers in just a few minutes. Get tutorial here

Her adorable clothespin leprechauns

Make adorable little leprechauns out of clothespins for just $3, and use them as cute ornaments, holiday decor, or fun accessories. Get tutorial here

These large, intricate snowflakes

Cut up brown paper bags, and then glue them together to create large, intricate snowflakes to hang in your home. Get tutorial here

This super cute pom-pom chick

Turn two pom-poms into an adorable Easter decoration in just a few minutes by adding a cute face, little feet, and felt wings. Get tutorial here

These pretty paper rosettes

Fold patterned scrapbook paper accordion-style and then glue them together to create pretty rosettes that’ll add a fun, creative element to your space. Get tutorial here

This sweet stained glass art

Grate crayons into very fine shavings, and then iron them onto wax paper, leaving a pretty, marbled stained glass effect. Get tutorial here

These fun, colorful dreamcatchers

Wrap multicolored yarn around an embroidery hoop, and then decorate it with strands of yarn, beads, and feathers to create dreamcatchers that’ll bring sweet dreams to you and your loved ones. Get tutorial here

A lovely textured clock

Mix glue, paint, and baking soda together, and smear it onto a wooden round to create a lovely, textured base for a beautiful, pastel clock. Get tutorial here

These tiny egg canvases

Spray your eggs with chalkboard paint, and then have a blast creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces directly on them. Get tutorial here

A cool mosaic eggshell coaster

Glue cracked, dyed eggshells to cardboard coasters to create mosaic coasters with a cool textured design. Get tutorial here

These simple paper bag luminaries

Illuminate brown craft bags decorated with leaf prints for the perfect way to light up your front porch this spring. Get tutorial here

Their cute pom-pom letters

Get your kids crafting for just $5 by having them glue pom-poms to paper mache letters for a fun way to decorate their rooms. Get tutorial here

These sweet river rocks

Decorate river rocks with bright paint colors and pretty floral designs, and then place them in your garden to add a sweet touch of color and personality to your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

These fun confetti coasters

Cover stone tiles with tissue paper circles to make super cute coasters that will add vibrant color to your table. Get tutorial here

This tasty milk jug bird feeder

Cut and paint a recycled plastic milk jug to turn it into a tasty snacking station for your backyard visitors. Get tutorial here

These beautiful galaxy tealight holders

Coat your tealight holders in Mod Podge, and then roll them in glitter to create a cool galaxy effect that’ll sparkle when you light them up. Get tutorial here